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Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network with Android

I got a new 5th Gen Airport Extreme for Christmas and went about setting up my local network again.  I decided to run the wireless network as closed/hidden so that the SSID isn’t broadcast.  This worked fine for all my many devices except my Android phone, which would list the network as “not in range” when it was hidden even though the phone might just be a couple of feet from the basestation.  After a fair bit of searching around, I came across this post which held the key.  What I did to get things to work:

1. Install HiddenSSID Enabler from the Android Marketplace
2. Enable your WiFi network to broadcast its SSID temporarily
3. Turn on WiFi on your Android device and ensure you connect to your network successfully
4. On your Android device, open the HiddenSSID Enabler app
5. Enter your network/SSID name and click the “Enable Hidden SSID” button.  There is no feedback given that anything happened.  Don’t panic.
6. Turn WiFi off for your Android device
7. Disable SSID broadcasting on your router again
8. Turn on WiFi on your Android device and it should now connect to the hidden network

No guarantees this will work for you, of course, but it’s fixed things for me.

Ejecting a Stuck Disc in OS X

So, I popped an old burned-DVD disc into my MacMini today, but nothing happened.  The disc wasn’t mounted, DVD Player didn’t start up, nothing.  I’ve had similar things happen in the past and usually I can get the disc to eject either via iTunes or the Disk Utility or if somehow that doesn’t work, then rebooting and holding down the mouse button to force the disc to eject.  Well, those things didn’t work this time.  Neither did any of the other usual solutions.  Even using “drutil” via Terminal didn’t do anything at all.  Needless to say, I was very frustrated after an hour spent trying all sorts of things with none of them working.

Finally, I came upon a DVD stuck in MacBook Pro post over on, that provided the solution I needed.  As I mentioned to a buddy, though, even though the trick worked, it boggles my mind that the way to “fix” it was to physically restrain the disc from spinning long enough that the computer went, “Crap, something’s wrong!  I better try and eject this disc.”  As if that isn’t what I’d been trying to tell the computer via 147 different ways for the last hour before that.  *sigh*

Tankadins in Cataclysm

If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was turning into a WoW blog. =)  Anyway, with the Cataclysm expansion releasing on Tuesday and thus all sorts of changes coming up, I figured doing a sort of summary post of links to useful resources would be, well, useful.  This will definitely be an evolving post that I’ll add to as I find new resources.  This is geared towards protection-specced paladins.

Enchants and Other Enhancements @ Righteous Defense
Xayton’s Tank Guide (Cata) @ Official forums
Tankadin Rotations @ YouTube
Pre-Heroics Tank Gear List @ Righteous Defense

Return of the “Movies” Section

A long time ago, I used to have a “movies” section on this site where I kept a (manually updated) list of the movies and TV shows in my collection.  Not super useful to most visitors, I’ll admit, but I always found it nice to have and it did come in useful to help make sure I (or someone perhaps buying something for me) didn’t pick up duplicates accidentally.  The library slowly got rather out-of-date, though, as I’d get new DVDs, sell or trade off old ones, and just forget to keep it updated.  So, I took it down.

More recently, I’ve been making digital copies of my media and keeping them accessible from the Mac Mini I have set up in my living room.  I use the Plex software on the Mini to make it into a fantastic “Media Center”.  All the movies and TV shows are easily accessible via a beautiful interface and as an added bonus, I can run Plex as a client in my bedroom and access all that content remotely if I want!  It’s a wonderful setup.

I’ve thought for a while that it would be cool to figure out how to export my library content as XML or something and then write a little tool that would parse it and be able to display it on this site. But it never got beyond the idea stage.  Then I found out about Plex Export, a tool written by Luke Lanchester that grabs info from your Plex library and makes it available on your website.  So, naturally, I jumped at it.

My newly-reopened Movies & TV section is the result.  It is, of course, available in the site main menu, as well.  Enjoy!