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February 2004

{SWAG}Nafai is on a Killing Spree!
I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo yesterday.  It’s the first game of sorts I’ve honestly ever played on a “real” Mac.  I mean, I played Diablo II on my iMac, as well as a few games of Warcraft III (vomit), but I never had …
Tuesday Feb 17, 2004 | 5 Comments
Sidewalk Painting or 3D Art?
Boing Boing posted an entry about the artwork of Kurt Wenner, who creates simply fantastic sidewalk artwork.  Take a look at the pictures and tell me you didn’t catch yourself trying to figure out how it wasn’t 3D…
Friday Feb 6, 2004 | 1 Comment
Safari 1.2
Well this is what I get for not setting my updater to check daily.  Looks like Apple released Safari 1.2 on Monday, and the improvements seem to make Safari finally one of the “big boys” who’s bugs and disappointments are now limited to minor quirks …
Wednesday Feb 4, 2004 | 2 Comments

January 2004

super size me
One Morgan Spurlock spent 30 days making a documentary on the health of eating a McDonald’s diet.  He ate all three meals each day, and any snacks, only from McDonald’s.  Not only did he gain 25 pounds, but by the end of the month he …
Monday Jan 26, 2004 | 5 Comments

November 2003

Strange (but good) Brew
Each year there are a few seasonal beers that I have grown attached to that I find myself buying as much as possible as soon as they are released.  I’ve droned on (not here yet, wait till March) about Pyramid Brewing Co.‘s Tilted Kilt, but …
Friday Nov 28, 2003 | 5 Comments
No Saruman in RotK??
And to continue the movie news… WTF??  Christopher Lee seems to be confirming that his role as the wizard Saruman has been cut from the forthcoming Return of the King movie—the final chapter in the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.  This seriously sucks because …
Thursday Nov 13, 2003 | 7 Comments
Goonies… a Sequel?
MTV is saying that Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg are working to try and get a sequel made to the cult-classic movie Goonies.  Yeah, you all remember Goonies with Mikey, Data, Chunk, and the rest of the gang.  This would definitely be really cool. …
Thursday Nov 13, 2003 | 3 Comments
Corporate Mofo: Matrix Revolutions
Back when Matrix: Reloaded came out I linked to a very interesting article that explored a lot of the real-world mythology and history behind the Matrix trilogy (well, two movies at that point).  The Corporate Mofo now has out their guide to Matrix: Revolutions. Much …
Tuesday Nov 11, 2003 | 17 Comments
Trademarks and what they Mean
Corry Doctorow (of Boing Boing, :EFF:, and others) wrote a great article back in August discussing trademarks.  Specifically, it talks about how too many companies (and consumers) misunderstand exactly what having a trademark means and what kind of rights it does—and doesn’t—grant the company. …
Monday Nov 10, 2003 | 0 Comments
Honda’s ‘Purpose’ Commercial
Whoever Honda has hired for their advertising campaign, they made a very good choice.  First there was their Cog commercial, which still simply blowns me away. Now Honda has a new “Purpose” commercial for their Element SUV (certainly not my favorite SUV).  I don’t want …
Thursday Nov 6, 2003 | 0 Comments

October 2003

Apple’s Safari 1.1: Panther Only? has an entry up about Apple’s newly released OS X 10.3, “Panther”.  Specifically, it discusses how Safari 1.1 is only available for Panther users and that there’s no word yet on a version for Jaguar (10.2) or earlier users. “So what?” you might say.  …
Monday Oct 27, 2003 | 73 Comments
CD Prices I Can Pay!
This certainly isn’t the type of thing that I normally post here, but in a case like this I’ll make an exception.  As all of us know, :CD: prices are typically $14-18 or perhaps $10-12 if you’re lucky and find something on sale.  I can …
Thursday Oct 23, 2003 | 1 Comment
64-Bits: Apple vs. AMD
Dare I even broach the dreaded “PC vs. Mac” debate again?  Have I the chutzpah?  Yeah, I guess I’m just crazy that way.  Actually, to be fair, this isn’t even about PC vs. Mac, but rather talking about the comparison between Apple’s recently-released G5 processor …
Wednesday Oct 15, 2003 | Permalink
‘And Company’ Movies
As the “and company” part of the “random musings of Chris Curtis and co.”, I’ve convinced Chris to give me my own movie database, also accessible through a link at the top of Chris’s Movie Database. I have about half the number DVDs that Chris …
Sunday Oct 12, 2003 | 1 Comment

September 2003

Pops in your mouth, not in your hand
Ok, stop what you’re doing.  When you finish reading this, drive immediately to the nearest Dairy Queen and purchase a Bubble Tape Blizzard.  This is not a blizzard with chunks of gum in it, but a blizzard with hundreds of bubble gum flavored pop rocks!! …
Thursday Sep 18, 2003 | 0 Comments
Wankel Rotary Engine
Can someone please tell me why I’ve been completely in the dark on this topic?  I’m sure it’s because I loathe the internal combustion engine in any of its forms, but I must say that I have just learned today that the Mazda RX-8 (link …
Thursday Sep 18, 2003 | 1 Comment
I’m guilty, I admit it.  Guilty of using Google to see what comes up with the search term “chris curtis”.  I know there are lots of other people named “Chris Curtis” out there and in the past when I looked none of the top results …
Thursday Sep 4, 2003 | 1 Comment
LCD Monitor Guide
I bought an LCD monitor (that’s “flat-panel”, for some of you) a while back and I have to say that I absolutely love it.  The image is crisp and bright, text looks great, and it takes up so much less room on my desk. Anandtech …
Thursday Sep 4, 2003 | 0 Comments

August 2003

More Reading: Truncat
I mentioned some stories by Cory Doctorow the other day, specifically Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.  Cory has a bit of a sequel to that novel published in Salon today.  It’s a short story titled Truncat and it’s set roughly 100 years after …
Wednesday Aug 27, 2003 | 0 Comments
For your Reading Pleasure
Been a bit bored lately (which I think is odd considering how many damn things I have going on right now) and decided to search out something good to read.  Cory Doctorow’s first novel was Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, a rather interesting …
Thursday Aug 21, 2003 | 0 Comments
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