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October 2004

PHP Function Index Desktop App
In developing my latest website, I am having to resort to creating a lot of my own PHP, which is new to me.  I never took the time to learn anything more than basic syntax and random tidbits that allowed me to alter someone else’s …
Thursday Oct 7, 2004 | 0 Comments

April 2004

Uncooperative PHP
I happen to be working some these days on a bit of a side project—something related to :ExpressionEngine:.  One of the pages requires some PHP to process a submitted form so that the information can be emailed to the appropriate recipient.  This is something I’ve …
Monday Apr 5, 2004 | 1 Comment

March 2004

PHP: Past, Present, Future
Our good man Rick linked to a really cool article discussing HP:.  It’s written by the original creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf and covers some of the history behind the language, current uses/approaches, as well as some thoughts on the future.  Man, I had completely …
Monday Mar 8, 2004 | 1 Comment

December 2002

PHP ‘output buffering’
Another “note to myself”.  This one deals with “output buffering” in PHP.  Basically, a way to use output that is echoed and use it as if it were returned:
Monday Dec 9, 2002 | 0 Comments
Google “Hilite"ing
Dean Allen (of Textism) brings us a very nifty tool: Google Highlite.  As Dean explains, When applied to a page arrived at via Google, this function will highlight the terms used for the Google search wherever they appear.  I think I’ll definitely have to play …
Wednesday Dec 4, 2002 | 0 Comments

May 2002

PHP and images
A new article over on evolt covers the “storage and re-use of images using PHP/GD”.  This should be very useful when used in conjunction with the CMS articles I linked to earlier.
Monday May 20, 2002 | 1 Comment
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