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June 2009

Time for Comments Again
I turned off commenting quite a while back due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of comments the site received were spam.  I got tired of being reactive and cleaning it up and since this site really doesn’t get much legitimate commenting (hey, I …
Thursday Jun 11, 2009 | 2 Comments

December 2005

ExpressionEngine 1.4 and more
While I may no longer be officially affiliated with pMachine, Inc. (makers of pMachine and ExpressionEngine), that doesn’t mean that I don’t still follow what’s happening and enjoy the products.  This week saw the release of ExpressionEngine 1.4, which is a far more significant release …
Sunday Dec 18, 2005 | 1 Comment

February 2004

Saying Bye to a pM Veteran
Lynda, one of the earliest and more prolific :pMachine: users has written about why she is not using pMachine anymore.  While Lynda published numerous hacks and tricks for pM and even ran a very useful “hacks forum” for quite a while, I’m really not surprised …
Monday Feb 23, 2004 | 6 Comments
‘ExpressionEngine’ Goes Public Beta
This past weekend, :pMachine: released a brand new product into a public beta: :ExpressionEngine:.  This is something I’ve been helping out with for months now and I’m really excited to see if finally released.  That means I finally get to talk about it, too! Like …
Monday Feb 9, 2004 | 3 Comments

January 2004

pMachine: Current Member Info, Take 2
I previously posted an entry about an add-on for :pMachine: I wrote.  What I had certainly worked, but while working on another project I discovered that I needed something even more flexible and powerful.  So, I went about revising the add-on from the ground up …
Saturday Jan 24, 2004 | 3 Comments
pMachine: Retrieve Current Member Info
Sometimes it is useful to be able to retrieve information from the currently logged-in member’s profile in :pMachine:.  This could be used for something as simple as displaying the user’s “Screen Name” to a situation where you might use the information as input data in …
Monday Jan 12, 2004 | 11 Comments

October 2003

Dynamic Category Navigation
I posted a new Add-on for :pMachine: over on Lynda‘s site (since that site no longer exists, the link points directly to the zip file).  It’s the Dynamic Category Navigation add-on, which was primarily written for a user from the pM forums.  I figured it …
Thursday Oct 9, 2003 | 0 Comments

July 2003

pMachine admin vs. DM?
Hmm… Well, I’m rather at a loss for words here.  As many of you know, I help with :pmachine: doing tech support, documentation, etc.  I was going through the forums this evening and I came across this thread titled pMachine admin vs. DM?.  Being well …
Monday Jul 14, 2003 | 4 Comments

March 2003

‘Category Entry Count’ pM Add-On
I’ve put out a new pMachine add-on.  This one allows you to get the number of entries that are part of a specified weblog and category.  It’s also flexible in that it allows the result to either be echoed or returned, depending on what you …
Friday Mar 21, 2003 | 1 Comment

January 2003

pMachine FAQ
You can ignore this entry.  It’s basically just going to be links to threads that answer pMachine questions.  Just my archive for eventually updating the FAQ Setting weblog as default homepage truncated preferences - 4 characters failed opening “” associate images with categories (icons) creating …
Sunday Jan 12, 2003 | 0 Comments

December 2002

Grabbing Category Names
While creating my Galleries section, I discovered that I needed to be able to display the name of the current category (which I am using to essentially group “photo albums”).  I started with a small hack that Rick posted in the pMachine forums.  However, I …
Sunday Dec 29, 2002 | 38 Comments
Image Galleries with pMachine
This is my first attempt at a real pMachine tutorial.  This one is basically going to explain how I’ve created the Galleries section here on my site.  I decided to use the “categories” feature of the weblog to allow me to create more than one …
Sunday Dec 29, 2002 | 30 Comments
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