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July 2003

Matt Haughey (whose name, every time I see it, makes me think of my great friend Mike Haughey…) appears to have a new weblog up about PVRs such as TiVo.  As a very satisfied TiVo user myself, I think I’ll be following this site with …
Thursday Jul 17, 2003 | 0 Comments
Site Updated
Bit of an announcement post.  First, the weblog’s been updated (finally) to pMachine version 2.3.  The most noticeable change you’ll see is that the site now uses “search engine-friendly :URL:s”.  Basically, instead of seeing something like “comments.php?id=P464_0_1_0” in the URL, you’ll now see “comments/P464_0_1_0/”.  A …
Sunday Jul 13, 2003 | 8 Comments
I put a link to pMblog over in the side bar a few days ago, but never mentioned anything about it.  pMblog is the new personal weblog of Rick Ellis, founder and lead developer of the pMachine weblog/CMS software.  For those of you unaware, pMachine …
Tuesday Jul 8, 2003 | 4 Comments

May 2003

Linking Icons
Any regular readers will no doubt now notice that there are tiny icons next to any links that point to outside sources.  I saw the effect on web-graphics and traced it to my-dimension (which, in turn, apparently got it from somewhere else).  Anyway, it’s a …
Monday May 12, 2003 | 1 Comment

April 2003

Got Game?
A really interesting new weblog, “Got Game: the future of play”, takes a look at the computer/video game industry and pretty much everything affecting it (Emerging Gaming Technologies, Emerging Social Phenomena Surrounding Games, Emergence of Games as a Societal Medium, etc.).  It’s quite an interesting …
Tuesday Apr 1, 2003 | 0 Comments

February 2003

New “Favorites” Section
Any of you regulars to the Weblog (yeah, all 3 of you out there!) might notice that the “Recently” section that was previously over on the right in the sidebar is now gone.  In it’s place I’ve placed a “Favorites” section instead.  This is just …
Thursday Feb 20, 2003 | 0 Comments

December 2002

Dean Allen (of Textism) has put out Textile, a “human web text generator” written in PHP.  It’s very interesting and a lot of it is similar to a feature recently added to my CMS of choice (pMachine), though it goes a bit farther.  Now, if …
Tuesday Dec 17, 2002 | 1 Comment

November 2002

Bad-ass Commenting
Wow, Scott Andrew was right: this commenting UI really does kick serious ass.  I may have to try implementing something like that whenever I redo the site (or for another site).
Wednesday Nov 13, 2002 | 0 Comments

October 2002

Movable Type 2.5
Well, it seems I just keep getting farther and farther behind… Movable Type 2.5 has been released and sounds like it incorprates some very useful things.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to updating my install…
Wednesday Oct 9, 2002 | 0 Comments

August 2002

Pretty much just a note to myself here: the MT-search module needs to be updated to go along with MT 2.2.
Thursday Aug 22, 2002 | 0 Comments
Acronyms through Macros
Dave Pilgrim explains how he’s using regular expressions and macros to automate putting in his acronym tags.  It’s very cool, and I definitely want to implement it here.  Unfortunately, to do so it seems I’ll first have to upgrade my MT installation to version 2.2+.  …
Monday Aug 19, 2002 | 0 Comments

June 2002

Google API Hack for MT
David Sifry came up with a pretty clever hack to Movable Type.  It uses Google’s SOAP API to automatically grab links that are relevant to the title (or Excerpts) of an entry.  I may have to try this out myself.  Of course, it also means …
Friday Jun 21, 2002 | 0 Comments

May 2002

New features here
Just a couple of quick notes.  First, there’s now a search feature available for the weblog, courtesy of MT-Search.  I can’t get it to work with the main navbar to the right (yet), but searching is functional. Second, the site now makes use of a …
Saturday May 18, 2002 | 0 Comments
Look ma, customization!
I found an article by David Gagne the other day about customizing your Movable Type blog.  So, I went ahead and did so.  See the icons below?  Yep, that’d be the new thing.
Wednesday May 8, 2002 | 0 Comments
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