64-Bits: Apple vs. AMD

Dare I even broach the dreaded “PC vs. Mac” debate again?  Have I the chutzpah?  Yeah, I guess I’m just crazy that way.  Actually, to be fair, this isn’t even about PC vs. Mac, but rather talking about the comparison between Apple’s recently-released G5 processor and AMD‘s new Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 FX chips.  Both families of chips are capable of 64-bit computing (as opposed to the 32-bit computing of traditional desktop computer chips).

When the G5 was released, Apple proclaimed it to be the world’s fastest personal computer, and at the time they were basically correct.  Now, though, it seems apparent that AMD has taken that crown.

Even Apple’s 2-GHz dual-CPU G5 unit had a hard time keeping up with a single-chip FX-51 PC in most tests.

I’d love to have a computer with either of these chips and I’d especially love a G5 if I could get a nice 23” Cinema display to go with it.  Hmm, let’s see, a nice dual-G5 with 23” display will only set me back…. $5644?!?!  :o :o   Yeah, maybe not.

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get it! its worth it. trust me! be one with the mac. the mac is your friend. say it with me.. apple.. apple.. apple.. apple.. apple..

Hm..you said “apple” five times.  I’m convinced!

Seriously Chris, for $5600 you could totally just buy an iPod and move to New Zealand.  Skip computers all together, and become a sheep farmer.  That’s my plan.

I’m reminded of my sheep farmer joke:

A young man went to work for a sheep farmer.  Soon, he noticed that every evening after dinner, the farmer would go out to spend a little “private” time with his sheep.  At first the young helper was horrified by the farmer’s activities, but over the months he started warming up to the idea, and one day decided to go with his boss to give it a try himself.  So he found a sheep and began, we’ll, you know.  After a couple minutes, however, he pushed the sheep away and said “I just can’t do this!”.  The farmer walked over and grabbed the sheep by the ears.  As he looked at the sheep’s face he said “Well no wonder!  You picked the ugliest one!”.

Perhaps maybe I have had bad luck with PCs, but the best computer I have ever used was a G4 that was running at 733 Mbps. I think that something that has been overlooked with the whole Mac vs PC issue is the quality of construction and longevity of the system to run smoothly. I think most PCs are built quickly and like crap with maybe few exceptions. It is clearly evident that Macs are definitely built better, just look inside a G5. ....OOPs, I’m back, my PC just froze for a bit.

You can build a pc just as solid as a mac. Not prebuilt with a decent warranty on it though.

I do agree that the hardware on a prebuilt major brand pc is not up to par with a macintosh. The problem is that the software is so much better for the pc.

It’s the only reason why pc sales smoke apple constantly.

so much better? ... only for gaming pal.

I own three PCs, builot all of them and built over 20 for other people.I built a PC database and network for my girlfriends aunt. Not to mention the countless other maintanence projects done for friends.
I would still rather have used macs in 90% of all those situations.

HOWEVER, with a pc you can get it cheaper, upgrade peice by piece until you have a new computer, and have shitloads of cool games. All of which cannot be done on MAC. Oh yes, you can upgrade macs. But not with many choices, and not cheaply. And yes, they have games, sometimes a year or more after they come out on PC (though some company’s are recognizing the huge mac audiance out there, and are releasing games the same day for both platforms).

BUt, for video, image, graphcs, art, office, stability, driverless plug+play and the super cute girl from the “i saved christmas” comcercial? ... Get a Mac

Video actually is the only thing that macs are better at, and only due to the software, not the hardware.

Try visiting an A.I. facility of robotics factory. That would be the most advanced software I can think of and they all use PCs, not macs.

You also have a lot more choices when it comes to hardware, being as why it’s not driverless. It’s really not a concern to me that I have to spend 5 seconds downloading a driver.

I think the sales of pcs vs macs speaks for itself. The people choose pcs. You can argue all you want but I’ve owned both and would never buy a mac again.

I don’t think sales or market penetration has anything to do with what’s “best”.  The Ford Escort was the best selling car ten years in a row, but it would hardly make my “most wanted” list.

And Josh, didn’t you just contradict yourself?

The problem is that the software is so much better for the pc.
Video actually is the only thing that macs are better at, and only due to the software, not the hardware.

As far as A.I. goes, you’re dead wrong.  You’re not likely to find PCs or Macs there.  Just stop being a hatyah.  PCs are great for personal use, gaming, and inexpensive low-intensity commercial use (i.e. cash registers), and Macs are great for creative professionals.

The government runs on Windows, Hollywood runs on a Mac.

I didn’t contradict myself. I said that was the only advantage they had due to software only for video. The overall software market is obviously favored my windows. Do I even have to point out such obvious things?

And of course a lot of A.I. does not use a windows installation. But those companies use windows not macintosh.

I look at it this way. I can spend $2,000 and build my own pc. That pc will shred any mac ever made.  There’s plenty of graphic software on a pc as well, it’s just not a easy to use.

So, your argument is that it’s better for “creative professionals”. I guess, it still seems like a ripoff to me. But your argument that pcs are only for gaming is rediculous. For office applications you’re dead wrong macs dominating that. I mean get real, no one has macs except for home users who can’t figure out how to use to mouse buttons.

Actually, many many many companys use all macs. Not to mention, there are TONS of people in college that use them as well.

Imaging, as well as 3d design IS better on a mac, and is done on a mac, and ive done work on both systems. the same programs, with equally powered systems. In the real world a mac works better.

as far as your"no one has macs” theory, they cant be a multi million dollar company, if no one buys thier stuff. thats just common sence.

I never said no one has them. Only people who can’t figure out how to use a pc.

What were the specs on this so called poor pc you were trying to do graphics on?

who said it was poor? and who said i was “trying”?. I did professional graphic art. Derek can vouch for that, he was the one who hired me. i know my way front and backward around a PC. ive been using/building them for years. So i dont need a lecture about the quality of some pc products, or “oh that was your problem”.

You also claim that no one but people who dont know hopw to use a oc uses macs? $10 says your favorite album was recoreded on a mac using Protools. THe movies you watch in the theater are made on macs (Cold mountain was done entirely on two g4 macs running osx)  the images you see on signs were done on a mac (this is what i did all day whilst working with derek).  Yes PCs are used widly, but so is mac, and when you grow up, get in the real-world, and realize actuallly researching your points instead of picking your favorate team… youll come to see that Mac has just as big a place in computing as PC and that it dominates the pro level world, as PC dominates the gaming world.

Yeah, mac users are always into personal attacks and so defensive.

Telling me to grow up. Keep it unpersonal ok, it’s just a message board where we’re supposed to debate, not throw childish insults at people we don’t even know.

I have nothing further to say to you so ramble on as much as you want.

1. It is unpersonal. That is why i said to stick to fact, and not opinion, as it is a debate, and not a pissing contest.

2. I’ve got 2 PCs and 0 macs at home. How does this make me a “Mac User”? Becuase i touched one?

3. Telling you to grow up is childish? Color me stumped.

pcs r cheapers than mac…

pcs are most compatibles…

pcs pcs pcs are good if u want to spend ur value time fighting with system troubles,

thats why apple computers it doesnt have a reset button…

PC people use aol speak.

Stop it.

Actually, I’m running an AMD 64 3400 and my computer preforms better than my friends computer which is a mac G5.
We both are attending school for 3d animation and my computer is constantly beating his in almost every aspect of every area we are taking. As well our school only uses computers running AMD chips in them we’ve found them to preform far better than anything else when it comes to 3d applications. Macs are becoming dinosaurs in a constantly driven PC world.

Macs are becoming dinosaurs in a constantly driven PC world.

I can’t wait until the entire movie, music, and industrial and graphic design industries see your wisdom and stop using Macs for everything.  *rolls eyes*

I don’t know what app set you are using, but it could also be that he just stinks compared to you, heh.  Seriously though, Pixar uses nothing but Macs (Steve Jobs owns them, btw, and the G5 was created largely based on their demands).  Shake is the industry standard for film compositing, and like many other professional apps, is only available on Macs.

G5s are still king on content creation, both for speed, and for hardware and software availability for professional performance.  If you guys are using Bryce or Maya and he’s not rendering (or working) faster than you, I’d wager that he has the crappy single proc G5 that should not have even been released by Apple.  The processor is *designed* for dual channel multi-proc architecture.

/close thread

I had a mac before. I hated it. Then I bought a real computer and love it.

The most rediculous statement in this entire thread is that “pcs are only for gaming”. Get real, macs are only good if you’re a high paid professional video editor. And you could do that job with a pc anyway. You just couldn’t be trendy and it wouldn’t match your new volkswagon bug. Moron.

Entry = AMD Athlon 64 vs. Apple G5
Entry != PC vs. Mac

Let it go, folks.  Everyone knows that whether a PC or a Mac is “better” is both a personal preference and very dependent on exactly what you’re doing.  So get over it.

No more pointless arguing here; the commenting is closed.