And Now… Subdomains!

You probably haven’t noticed anything yet, but the site now uses subdomains.  Since I’ve never messed with subdomains before and my account supports it, I figured I might as well try them out.  The Movie Database, Co-Movie Database, and Galleries are now all off on separate subdomains, though the old links will/should continue to function (if they don’t, let me know!).  I haven’t decide yet whether or not I want to move the weblog archives off to a subdomain.

I think the new subdomains are a bit cleaner looking than the previous subdirectory approach.  Enjoy and let me know if you have any comments.

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Hi Chris,

I noticed your “Favorite Entries” links in the Galleries subdomain don’t work (404).


Ah, you are quite correct.  Me and my silly relative paths coming back to haunt me.  Well, no more!!

Er, should be fixed now.  Thanks, Michel!

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