Apologies about Galleries/Movies

BTW, I want to apologize to everyone about the fact that the Galleries and Movies sections don’t work.  (Actually, they do work in a roundabout sort of way, but it requires you to fudge with the :URL:s and that just ain’t cool.)  I switched the site over a while ago to use the new “search engine friendly :URL:s that are part of :pMachine: v2.3 and you’ll see that they work fine for this main weblog.

However, there are some incredibly strange file/directory permission issues going on with some of the, well, files and directories in my account and I can’t modify those files so that they’ll work with the SE-friendly stuff.  I can’t edit or delete them—neither online nor via :FTP: using more than one FTP client on more than one computer.  Nevin, the server admin/guru, is clueless too, since he can apparently log in fine using my info and do whatever he needs via FTP.  Not me, though.  Seems it might (somehow) be a Windows vs. Mac thing.  Bizarre.

Anyway, I’ve been so swamped for time lately that at first I completely forgot about the whole problem and then I didn’t have time to do anything.  I may try and find some time to try and talk to Nevin and Co. about it again soon, but with the upcoming move that could be hard for a while.

If worse comes to worst, I may ask them to just nuke my whole directory structure (after backing up) and then upload everything again.  I assume that would give me the correct permissions to do what I need.  One can hope, at least.

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