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Okay, Derek, here’s a bit more “hard-core” :CSS: trickery just for you. linked to this really cool idea to use CSS to automatically display the citation source for a blockquote.  It works in Gecko-based browsers and probably in Safari, but not in :IE:, though it degrades fine.  See here:

Blockquotes. This is an element, according to the :W3C:, that is to be used to designate quoted text. We are going to use CSS and the attribute cite to achieve an easy way to attribute quotes.

This is a pretty slick little trick.  The link above explains the idea better than I probably could (at least without just saying everything again).  There’s no reason you couldn’t use the :before pseudo-class instead or even try pulling in content from a blockquote’s “title” attribute using

content: attr(title);

You might also notice that the above quote didn’t show the citation because I didn’t add one.

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Eh, thanks, mate!  Very slick.  Wouldn’t it be more useful if the citation quote were (where applicable) a link?

Yeah, that would be more useful, but unfortunately you can’t do that.  Heck, you may notice that you can’t even select the text… which, I’ll admit, makes the feature a fair bit less useful.

That’s all browser limitation, though, so if the browsers get smarter…

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