Backpacking Bargains goes live

After months of planning, arranging, design, and entry, has gone live!

I’d be happy to entertain any comments about design, price, or products.  And of course, feel free to take advantage of any of the deals on the site.  I’m having a hard time resisting the Jetboil myself wink.  I’m meeting with the makers of it, hopefully this week, to film it in use.  He gave me a demo of it, and it’s pretty incredible.  They first made it to have the world’s quickest boil-time…and they succeeded.  But then they realized that modern stoves already boil water pretty quickly—and by altering their design, they scaled back the speed to match MSR’s stoves, and voila, it boils four times the amount of water with the same amount of fuel.  It’d be great for kayaking (and backpacking for that matter), since the pot, stove, and fuel all nest into a tiny container when you’re on the move.

Edit: Uh, hehe.  Hopefully no one went and checked validation from the time I posted this until just now.  What are you looking at?  Everything’s valid!  It, uh, er…always was!

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Don’t blame me for my abandoned website… but, hey, I think I was looking for this website when I bought my thermarest!  Too bad I didn’t find it.  A day too late.  But next time….

i would like to warn everyone before they visit the site that most of the products are NOT edible.

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