Blackwing Lair Rogue Strategy Guide

Since I just spent way too much time writing up this strategy guide for the rogues in my guild (Light Brigade on the Shadow Council realm), I figured I might as well share it.  If you don’t play World of Warcraft then you likely won’t care at all.  Also, please note that this is just a strategy guide for how we do the Blackwing Lair instance and further, it’s a guide geared toward one specific class: rogues.

Updated to include Nefarian strategy.
Revised Razorgore strategy.

This posting is to help explain how Light Brigade conducts their BWL fights and particularly, what the rogues’ role is in those fights.  LB’s strategies generally differ at least slightly from those used by other guilds.  These are the strategies that we’ve worked out and that we find work well for us.

(Note that I’ll mention two mods for use with WoW: CTRA and KTM [KLH Threat Meter])

Trash Mobs

Razorgore the Untamed

(Razorgore on WoWwiki)

This fight has two phases.  In Phase One, Razorgore is being mind controlled and destroys eggs.  Rogues will typically be placed in a group that is given responsibility for one of the four corners in the room (from which mobs spawn).  You will kill both types of orcs that spawn, with particular emphasis being placed on the orc mages.  Ideally, a tank will be placed in your corner with you to help tank the orc legionnaires, but the group should have enough DPS to take down the two spawns at a time regardless.  Other warriors will be kiting the dragonkin, so do not even touch them.  This part of the fight is all about buying time for the eggs to be destroyed.  Mind-numbing, Instant, and Crippling poisons are all useful here.

In Phase Two, we actually attack Razorgore.  Do not melee him; instead, stand back and use ranged attacks.  If you get hurt, get out of line of sight and bandage yourself.  Do not expect heals at all for this phase.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: No
Fire Resist Gear: No

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

(Vaelastrasz on WoWwiki)

This is a fun fight: for three minutes, you effectively have unlimited energy!  What that means, though, is that you have to be very aware of your threat and always make sure you’re below the tanks.  Once the fight starts, wait 5 seconds and then all of the rogues will group together in a tight ball (i.e. stand on top of each other) at max melee range near his right hind leg to avoid cleaves.  Pour out the DPS!  Backstab, sinister strike, SnD, evisc, hemo, whatever you have.  Feint every time it is up.  At around 20% of Vael’s health, Vanish and then just keep pouring it in.  Again, use KTM and make sure you keep your threat in check as it can be very easy to jump above the tanks, which would almost guarantee a raid wipe.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: No
Fire Resist Gear: Yes (160-170 buffed)

Broodlord Lashlayer

(Broodlord on WoWwiki)

The Broodlord boss fight itself is pretty straightforward.  We can go in and out of melee, but try to do so between blastwaves.  The blastwaves are semi-random, so you’ll have to guess a bit, but err on the side of caution in pulling out of melee early.  If you get hurt, back out to the main group and bandage yourself since you should not expect any heals at all during the fight.

The real trick to this encounter begins well before the boss, though.  This is where the infamous “Supression Rooms” are.  Rogues are critical to this encounter.  Our job (and our only job) is to stay in stealth and disarm the traps in the room.  Our strategy has a couple of rogues staying ahead of the group to disarm those traps (so the group can keep moving forward), while a couple more keep the ones near the group disarmed.  Give a wide berth to the dragons, as they’ll do an AoE (that will break your stealth) as soon as they’re pulled.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: No
Fire Resist Gear: Yes (moderate FR of about 150 buffed should help)


(Firemaw on WoWwiki)

For this fight, you’ll be popping in and out of line of sight to DPS Firemaw.  Once DPS starts, go in and do your thing until you get 4-5 debuffs.  Once you do, immediately get out of LoS and let the debuffs expire.  While out of LoS heal yourself as needed; don’t expect many/any heals during the fight.  When you have no debuffs, go in and DPS.  Repeat.  Don’t just rely on bandages for healing here; bring health pots, tubers, whatever.  Anything you can do to lessen the time you have to spend out of LoS will help the raid kill Firemaw faster.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: YES
Fire Resist Gear: Yes (the higher the better, as it means you’ll resist more debuffs; I’d aim for 200+ buffed)


(Ebonroc on WoWwiki)

This fight is extremely simple for rogues.  Once DPS is called, we simply go in and dish out the damage.  The important thing for us is to watch our aggro, since if we pull aggro and turn Ebonroc, we can very easily wipe the raid.  Feint as needed and be ready to vanish.  KTM is your friend here.  Wound poison is useful for this fight to help mitigate the heals Ebonroc can do on himself.  If the fight is done right, we should take zero damage.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: YES
Fire Resist Gear: No


(Flamegor on WoWwiki)

Flamegor is much like Firemaw except that you don’t get a debuff, which makes this fight much simpler.  Once DPS is called, go in and stab like you mean it.  Aggro shouldn’t be as much of a concern as some other fights, but keep an eye on your threat just in case.  Flamegor can do a fire-based AoE, but it’s fairly minor.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: YES
Fire Resist Gear: Yes (moderate FR of 130-150 buffed can help)


(Chromaggus on WoWwiki)

This is another fun fight.  The main ability of Chromaggus is that he will alternate between two breath attacks (from a possible 5; see below) during the fight.  The breaths are randomly determined when you first enter BWL and do not change until the instance resets.  Again, our strategy here is straightforward.  After DPS is called, we go in and attack.  When CTRA warns of a breath, we get out of melee and hide on the wall out of line of sight.  Once the breath is finished, go back in to melee.  Repeat.

During the fight you will randomly receive “Brood Affliction” debuffs.  Mages and paladins should be cleansing them from you when you’re on the wall between breaths.  However, if you get all five afflictions, you will turn into an elite Drakonoid that will then attack the raid and do incredible amounts of damage.  So, if you see yourself getting several afflictions, be sure to stay on the wall to get them cleansed.

You will also get a Bronze Affliction, which cannot be cleansed (it can be removed with Hourglass Sand, but rogues will not typically get any of it).  This debuff will randomly stun you for 4 seconds.  You just have to live with it, but it means that it’s very important to get out of melee as soon as the CTRA breath warning appears, since you could get stunned while trying to leave.

Breath Attacks

  • Corrosive Acid: Deals 875 to 1125 Nature damage every 3 sec for 15 seconds. Armour reduced by 3938 to 5062.
  • Frost Burn: Attack speed reduced by 80%. Does approximately 1400 Frost damage.
  • Ignite Flesh: 657-843 Fire damage every three seconds for 60 seconds. This can stack if he casts it again within the 60 seconds.
  • Incinerate: 3675-4275 Fire damage.
  • Time Lapse: Stun for 6 seconds, reduces maximum health points to half. Significantly reduces aggro.  You will regain the health point reduction when the breath wears off.

If one of the breaths is Time Lapse, then the strategy is modified slightly.  When the Time Lapse breath warning comes, instead of running out of LoS to the wall, instead stay inside and get stunned to reduce your threat.  Because you’re not going out of LoS, however, pay particular attention to your Brood Afflictions as it is easier to get multiple ones with this breath.

Onyxia Scale Cloak: No
Fire Resist Gear: No


(Nefarian on WoWwiki)

For Phase One of the fight, the raid is essentially split into two groups, one to kill draconids spawning from each door.  Warriors will be standing in each doorway to grab and tank the spawns.  The rogues’ job is to stay at the doorway and single-target DPS the draconids down.  There are several possible draconid colors, each with different abilities/resistances:

  • Red: Short range cone DoT fire attack, stacks; resistant to Fire
  • Blue: Attack which drains mana; resistant to Frost; slightly resistant to Arcane; Lowers attack speed
  • Green: Stun, resistant to Nature
  • Black: Moderately powerful direct damage fire attack; resistant to Shadow and Fire
  • Bronze: Reduces Attack and Cast Speed; resistant to Arcane

Once 42 draconids have been killed, no more will spawn.  Continue helping to kill the remainder while Nefarian lands.  Hide behind the south broken pillar while the tank gains aggro.  Once DPS is called, Phase Two is much like Onyxia with direct damage and fears.  The main difference is that every 30 seconds or so, Nefarian will make a “class call”, which will negatively affect the class.

For rogues, they will all be teleported and rooted in place close to Nefarian.  Sometimes, the teleport spot is safe and there’s no problems.  Other times, the tank will have to be notified to move Nefarian so that rogues will not be hit by any Shadowflames or Cleaves.  For the warlock class call, you must immediately switch DPS to the summoned infernals and kill them as quickly as possible.

Once Nefarian is around 25% health, DoTs will stop and he will be direct damaged, down to close to 20%.  At that point, the raid will wait for a “good” class call and then drop Nefarian to 20%.  Once he hits 20% health all of the draconids killed earlier will respawn as undead Bone Constructs.  They hit relatively hard, but have little health.  Help the warriors and AoEers deal will all of the undead.

Once the Bone Constructs are all dead, simply continue killing Nefarian and then celebrate downing a really tough boss!

Onyxia Scale Cloak: YES
Fire Resist Gear: No

Death Talon Packs

(Death Talon Packs on WoWwiki)

Follow the Main Assist for targets.  Seethers will be killed first, then Flamescales, then the Captain.  During this time, the Wymkin will be slept by druids and then released to be killed once the Captain is dead.  These packs are fairly simple, but watch out for the fire attacks from the wyrmkin.

Lab Packs

(Lab Packs on WoWwiki)

These packs consist of a number of mobs, and typically include: 1 Death Talon Overseer, 2 Blackwing Warlocks, ~8 Blackwing Technicians, 1-2 Blackwing Spellbinders.

The key to success with these packs is to work together on killing the mobs in the right order.  Once the mobs are separated out:

  1. We kill one warlock and then the other
  2. All of the melee then follows the Main Assist and does single-target DPS on the Technicians until they’re all dead
  3. Kill the Overseer
  4. Melee goes and kills the Spellbinder, which have been kited by the hunters
  5. If any summoned Enraged Felguards are still around, kill them

Wyrmguard Packs

(Wymguard Packs on WoWwiki)

Get ready for a seriously tough fight.  These three wymguards (“affectionately” known as the Three Stooges) are often a harder fight than many of the BWL bosses.  Each of the three wymguards has a random power (see below) as well as a vulnerability to a certain school of magic.  In addition, all of the wymguards will perform a Warstomp that stuns people near them for a few seconds.

  • Green: Single target sleep on the main tank. An offtank must be ready to pick up the loose wyrmguard until the effect wears off. Should be killed first as they take up tanking resources.  DO melee these.
  • Red: Heavy fire damage. Extra healing required but otherwise not dangerous. Usually the second to go down if a green wyrmguard is present.  Do NOT melee these.
  • Bronze: Main tank is constantly sent spinning, making it hard for them to build aggro. In addition, nearby players will take cleave damage.  Bronze Wyrmguards should be killed last.  Do NOT melee these.
  • Blue: Reduced attack speed and reduced movement speed. They do the least overall damage but are harder to establish aggro on due to the slowing effects. Blue wyrmguards should be killed last, unless a bronze is present.  DO melee these.
  • Black: 800 to 1200 Fire Damage applied directly to the tank. Does not apply a debuff and you’ll need to check the Battle Log to notice it. Treat the same way as Red brood powers.  DO melee these.

Hunters will pull the pack down into Firemaw’s room, where everyone but the tanks will be standing in a tight ball.  Once the power/color of each wyrmguard is determined, we’ll know the kill order (and whether we melee each or not).  Follow the raid leader and Main Assist and kill the wrymguards either with melee or ranged attacks as appropriate.

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Thanks bro. I will be using this as soon as I level my rogue high enough. (Good to see you posting again.)

well i guess this page is a bit old… but however i used it few times and it very good!!! clearly and simply explain all things great job

Did my first BWL ever today, this guide was a godsend!

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