Blogger Relaunches

The relaunch of Blogger is relatively old news around the blogging community, I guess, but somehow I just found out.  Guess I just don’t browse around as much now that I’m not stuck in an office 8 hours a day…  Anyway, there’s a relaunch announcement that has some information about the big new features.

Those features, apart from a general facelift, are basically: new “Dashboard” central command page, comments, individual entry pages, and author profile page.  None of that is really anything to get excited about in the greater blogging scheme of things; plenty of blogging packages (yes, :pMachine: Free/Pro and :ExpressionEngine: among them) have had those for ages.  However, since Blogger is really a “sign up and go” type service as opposed to the type that you install and run for an individual site.  So, for that it’s a nice addition.

Anyway, StopDesign has a nice detailed entry that covers a lot of the design aspects that went into the revamp, from logo and typeface changes to interface rationale.  It’s good stuff.

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