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As I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning on redesigning the site fairly soon (and I still welcome any help on that front!).  While browsing around various blogs this evening, I came across this post on Simplebits about hiding :CSS: from various browsers.  Specifically, the discussion is about IE5/win and (on linked sites) IE5/mac.

Now, I use a fair bit of CSS in the current design that adds “eyecandy” or other functionality for the good browsers (that, typically, being Mozilla/FireFox, Safari, and sometimes Opera).  I’ve no doubt that the same thing will be true in whatever redesign happens.  However, the discussion also made me curious about what sort of browsers visitors to this site use.  So, I went and took a gander at the Urchin webstats for the site and I have to admit that I was fairly surprised.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the ones I find more interesting:

21.7Mozilla Compatible Agent
Internet Explorer

This is a bit misleading, though.  Specifically, the “Mozilla Compatible Agent” appears to include what are actually Safari users since Safari (annoyingly) announces itself as “Mozilla 5.0”.  This accounts for virtually all of the “Mozilla Compatible Agent” stats.  So it looks like I actually have more Safari users visiting the site than IE users, which surprises me quite a bit, I must say.

Of the “Internet Explorer” stats, less than 2% appear to be from IE5.x/mac browsers.  Less than 9% are from IE5.x/win browsers (that’s ~0.4% and 1.8% overall, respectively).  This puts IE6/win users at about 17.7% of overall visitors.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t need to worry about IE5.x browsers (any platform) but that I darn well better make sure I keep Safari users in mind.  Anyway, just thought I might share on the off chance that someone else might find the information interesting. [shrug]

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Actually, Firefox comes across as “Mozilla/5.0” as well when it comes to announcing the User-Agent, so Safari probably isn’t nearly as dominant as I suspected.  But then there’s also the entry in Urchin for Firefox specifically, so I really can’t be sure what’s Safari, what’s Firefox, and what might actually be Mozilla itself. [shrug]

The important thing I think, though, is that :IE: is not in the majority as far as users go.  So, I guess that means my readers must be pretty smart people by and large! [grin]

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