CCDO… Back From the Dead

Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime.  I’ve been absolutely horrible posting to the site the last year or so.  For the last several years (wow, this sounds kind of pathetic now) I’ve started work on at least half a dozen site redesigns, with nearly all of them involving a migration from the old pMachine platform to ExpressionEngine.  I mean, you’d think that someone that worked for the company for quite a while wouldn’t have been so behind the times on his own site.  You’d be wrong.

So, I finally kicked myself into gear last month and started yet another site redesign.  This time I actually finished it, though.  Or, at least, completed it to the point where it could be released.  Yup: about freakin’ time!

The Galleries and Movies section aren’t open yet.  The Movies section has content, but it hasn’t been brought over to the new design and I think I might want to play around with figuring out how to use AJAX stuff and make sorting and such more interactive.  Or not.  Who knows.  The Galleries section may take a bit more as I’m going to have to basically rebuild it from the ground up since it was previously just a thinly masked weblog in pMachine.

Anyway, the site’s up and I think I’ve got pretty much all of the basics for it squared away.  No doubt I’ve missed stuff in the redesign and migration, though, so please let me know.  And I would absolutely love to hear any feedback, suggestions, etc., etc. you may have.  So, have at it!


Woot!  Now the never-ending onslaught of “Chris, tell me how to make ballistics gel for my term paper!” can continue! :-D

The return of Chris Curtis, esq. has been a long time coming. When I saw new RSS material on my Firefox’s Live Bookmarks I had to run my head into the wall a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

In short, HUZZAH!

Speaking of “Live Bookmarks”... it’s worth pointing out that there are some more Feed options available now.  RSS vs Atom, and with Quick Notes vs without.  Just FYI.

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