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Apparently, the talk around the :MT: community this weekend was all about TypeKey.  It’s an as-yet-unreleased service by SixApart, the folks who do MT and TypePad.  From their site, here’s a short description:

The basics about TypeKey:
TypeKey is a free, open system providing a central identity that anyone can use to log in and post comments on blogs and other web sites.

It seems that quite a few people immediately started attacking the idea, before SixApart even had a chance to flesh out some of the details.  Here are a couple of good summaries on some of the community commentary.  This is basically a blogging equivalent to systems like Microsoft’s “Passport” feature where you share a login/account across multiple sites.  It’s never been my favorite idea, but I can certainly see where it might be useful for blog commenting.

From the info on the TypePad site, it looks like it will be a freely available “standard” (if you can call something created just by one company a standard) that other people will be able to implement into their own products; similar in that vein to Trackbacks.  This’ll be interesting to watch as it develops.

Update: Jay Allen, the creator of the popular MT “Blacklist” feature, made a short statement saying, basically, “chill out and wait for more info, ‘cause it ain’t like you might think”.

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There a FAQ available on the TypeKey site.  It doesn’t answer all the questions various people have asked, but it covers quite a few of them.

Yes, the FAQ was a bit more helpful and answered a few of my questions.  Seems like a good idea for some people/siutes, but I am still waiting for more information.

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