Connect to a Hidden WiFi Network with Android

I got a new 5th Gen Airport Extreme for Christmas and went about setting up my local network again.  I decided to run the wireless network as closed/hidden so that the SSID isn’t broadcast.  This worked fine for all my many devices except my Android phone, which would list the network as “not in range” when it was hidden even though the phone might just be a couple of feet from the basestation.  After a fair bit of searching around, I came across this post which held the key.  What I did to get things to work:

1. Install HiddenSSID Enabler from the Android Marketplace
2. Enable your WiFi network to broadcast its SSID temporarily
3. Turn on WiFi on your Android device and ensure you connect to your network successfully
4. On your Android device, open the HiddenSSID Enabler app
5. Enter your network/SSID name and click the “Enable Hidden SSID” button.  There is no feedback given that anything happened.  Don’t panic.
6. Turn WiFi off for your Android device
7. Disable SSID broadcasting on your router again
8. Turn on WiFi on your Android device and it should now connect to the hidden network

No guarantees this will work for you, of course, but it’s fixed things for me.

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