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Back when Matrix: Reloaded came out I linked to a very interesting article that explored a lot of the real-world mythology and history behind the Matrix trilogy (well, two movies at that point).  The Corporate Mofo now has out their guide to Matrix: Revolutions.

Much like the first article, this one again explores the real-world mythology, history, symbolism, etc. present in the films.  Most of the “explanation” the guide gives is already stuff I’d figured out, though there’s some new stuff, too.  It’s also full of spoilers, I should add, so don’t read it until you’ve seen the movie.

Unfortunately, the guide doesn’t even mention in passing—much less explain—the thing that I’m still trying to figure out from the movie.  Thar be spoilers ahead, so only continue through the link if you’re ready…

Okay, so at the end of Reloaded Neo reaches out and stops the Sentinels in the “real world”—that is, the world outside the Matrix.  In Revolutions he again affects the real world in numerous “super-human” ways, not least of which was his destruction of all the machines on the way to the Machine City.  I don’t know if it is, but it might be important to note here that Neo seemed to have limits to what he could do since he couldn’t destroy all of the wave coming after them and he and Trinity had to escape by “going up”.

So, Neo can do super-human stuff in the real world.  My question is how can he do that stuff?  Why him?  The Oracle’s lame explanation to him was a simple “you touched the Source”.  And that means?  Source?  Sourcecode?

Please, please tell me that the explanation is not the super-lame “Matrix within a Matrix” cop out.  Not only is that a very unsatisfying answer, it’s not really even an answer at all because then it leaves you hanging with lots of other questions.  Besides, the idea was already done better in the relatively recent Thirteenth Floor movie.  (Not to say it was a great movie, but rather that that plot twist was pulled off well.)

So, someone please elighten me as to the real explanation for Neo’s powers in the “real world”.

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So many things about the third movie in the trilogy really caused me pause, and thus I left the theatre not really liking the movie at all.  Yes, it ended the story well, and the visuals were (as expected) astounding.  However, what about all of the great philosophy and ideas bounced around by the second movie.  So many avenues and questions were simply unexplored and never given any conclusion.

As for Neo being able to do super-human stuff in the real world by touching the Source, I cannot think of any plausible rational explanation, except the matrix within a matrix.  As with you, that leaves me with a bad taste.

It seems the question requires a slightly more mystical response.  The Source is where both the real world and machine world come together, and Neo, by touching the Source (I think saying that his mind is in tune with the Source), has the ability to control certain aspects of both worlds when the two worlds are bonded.  Notice that he cannot fly in the real world, but he can stop and destroy machines (they are in the real world, but they are also connected to the Source). 

The real question for me is how his mind is still connected to the Source (and thus the Matrix and machines in the real world).

Here’s the thing…

One or all of the secret illuminated groups have got to the creators of all the major sci-fi franchises.

Don’t believe me?

These secret rulers of the worlds thrive on our not knowing of who is actually in charge of the planet and its resources and how they go about doing it. Our ignorance to the truth, absolute conformity with the mind junk-food spoonfed to us by MTV and (believe or not) Sci-Fi channel.

One day in 1999 Matrix takes the world by storm. At its core, it tells of a group of rebels working against an invisible foe in what seems to be a normal world. But the world is darker and more diabolical than they think it is. To the secret masters, this is too close to the truth. So they got to the W. Bros and skewed the storyline of the Matrix to focus more on bombastic vfx and superheroics.

There are no more new stories, it has been said. Just new presentations of familiar archetypes. Logically, the end of the Matrix storyline would be everyone in the Matrix realizes the truth and wakes up to reality and overthrowing their secret masters in a way or visual & aural presentaion that would be emotionally satisfying.

Don’t get me wrong, Revolutions is a good movie and if you deconstruct it you’ll find symbolisms and messages that makes the Matrix Trilogy worthwhile, but for the masses (enjoying the popcorn and soda as much as the THX sound system in the theater) the message and flavor of the original movie has been lost.

Star Trek -

The original Star Trek show in the 60s is nothing short of the epitomy of a progressive TV show. In the sixties, it poked and prodded issues of the times. Even when it was at its campiest it made us think, taught us new concepts. It gave us the first TV interracial kiss and Kirk’s “Let’s the the HELL out of here” in the Joan Collins episode caused an outrage. Many times the stories surprised me with how fresh and intelligent they are after I was expecting a camp 60s TV show.

Then look at the sorry state of Trek today. When Gene Roddenberry made TNG, it was to have the same edge as the original show. It should cause people to discuss about the stories and issues portrayed in a speculative way in the episodes.

Now Trek has become anything but progressive. Everything is politically correct. Its fan base are discussing nothing more than the sfx and badass aliens and which ship class is better and how-many-phaser-banks-the-Akira-class starship-has-and-where-they-are-located topics. Fanboy fodder.

With all the clout Star Trek has in Paramount, they bring in writers that dumbs down storylines, focuses on action nowadays, plagiarizes (to put it strongly) from other stories like Babylon 5.

Even the last movie Nemesis makes no sense… the villian a human cloned by Romulans, he gets put in slave mines by Romulans, he gets tortured by Romulans… so he rebels and goes off to destroy Earth? I mean.. WTF??

So my assumption again is the secret masters have got to the producers of Trek and gave them all the power they need as long as they feed the fanboys what they want and not make cutting edge stories. Stories that do not make us think.

Because by thinking we might get ideas and all…

Okay I gotta stop now. I got black helicopters buzzing my house.


It’s not that difficult—you’re looking, much as I was, for this movie to be deeper than it really is.

Source = correctly assumed, is the source code of the Matrix program, which is directly linked like a hive mind to all of the computers and robots and machines of the real world.

His brain was simply changing, manipulating, and hacking the matrix, and even the brain has limits as to what it can process with such rapid timing, hence he “couldn’t get all of them.”

As for the “why him”?  It had to be somebody.  Someone talented with computers, with a brain that functions with logic, with strong willpower, and highly developed.  With someone willing.  The story could have easily followed a group of people that watched said talented person from afar, but that wouldn’t be too interesting would it?  I mean, you’re practically asking: “Why is Vader so strong in the Force?”  And I know you didn’t like Ep 1’s attempt to hint at the answer to that question.  Why is this different for you in any way?

As for how he’s physically connected?  Again, I’m going for a direct comparison to Wi-Fi technology here.  Obviously, the robots use it—it’s how they communicate with each other with near instancy.  They don’t have cables running all into their positronic nets.  Which leads down a road towards the Borg, and the instant hive-mind, even across vast expanses of space.  Or the Hive Mind in Ender’s Game.  The fact that a human brain can somehow use waves of ethereal electronic pulses to tap into it is far from the biggest stretch of believability in this set of movies.

Basically, I think the bottom line comes down to this: You didn’t like this movie that much outside of the action, and you’re desperately trying to come up with tangible reasons as to why it has a bad taste in your mouth.  I did that for a few hours after watching it, and then just decided that I didn’t need tangible reasons: the movie just wasn’t all that great.  I read the Star Wars scripts occassionally, and they are fun to read.  They remain interesting and evoke an atmosphere at least as good as what the movies do visually and aurally.  I think if I read the script to Matrix:Revolutions, it would be rather dull, rather silly, and very anti-climactic.

So… basically… what you’re saying is:

Neo used his wetware WiFi ability (yeah, still not quite sure about that part) to hack into the machine communications net/internet and then just sort of issued commands such as “Sentinel 1138, initiate self destruct sequence” while muttering to himself “and dear God please hurry because you’re about to kill me!”.

You know, I can just about buy that explanation.

Oh, and as for my “why him?” question… I really didn’t mean it literally like that as in why Neo and not some other schmuck.  I meant it more in, um, yeah I don’t even remember.  It definitely wasn’t in a literal sort of way, though.

Actually, he had to use his “fire blind-vision” to run the top command, and identify which PID belonged to the sentinel ahead of him, and then had to issue a kill 1138 command.  It took awhile because he had to sort the top listing by the order that the sentinels were flying towards him, so he sorted all processes being run by owner “architct”.

Or something.

Ooooooooooh, you’re just asking “what’s different about the One” that lets him do all of that and no one else.  Yeah, that part is W. Bros. philosomovie.  I mean, in “real life” if all of that took place, you would have people cropping up all of the time with varying degrees of ability to hack the Matrix.  Other than Mouse, it looked to me like just about everyone that was trained properly had about the same skills.  I mean, we see Morpheus and Trinity holding their own, but they never even once semi-twist the Matrix up.

The One:

....and they christened it Zero One (False truth)

.... False Truth ala the “Matrix”.

“There can be only One” ala The Highlander.

“I am the One merlin!” ala Uther Pendragon (Excalibur).

“I will be THE ONE!” ala Jet Li.

Merlin: He who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king. Arthur, you’re the One!

Neo wakes from a dream ( matrix ) world to find the real world. He uses powers from the dream world to fight machines in the real world. Will Neo go to heaven when He dies? If so then will he wake up from the real world as well? Trinity seems to sense this in her death scene. Could’nt Neo just hook her up with his healing powers again? But She does not want him to, why?

“The Sleeper has awaken!” ala Paul moadib ( Dune ).

The One


The Source, in most religions, is another name for God, the Father.  He goes by The Source, God, Allah, Yahweh, and several others names that denote his supreme ranking.  So, Neo, who was close to and touched the Source, again, being God (or as some see it: the power above the Architect and the master code of the Matrix, the “real world”, the machine world, and all else-which in turn would be the almighty, all-knowing Himself-), received his strength from The Source.  The Source called and allowed Neo to be “The One”, the son, and the savior to all humanity in both The Matrix and the “real world”—an obvious facsimile to Christ.

As for Neo’s abilities in the real world…......He was able to stop the sentinels at the end of Reloaded, because he came to realize and slightly control his divine nature.  It is then stated at the beginning of Revolutions that Neo was lucky to survive; he was not prepared to withstand such a blow.  This means that just like in the first movie, how Neo went through training to learn how to manipulate the Matrix, he must build up his abilities and master them.  He doesn’t get much time to improve on this; partly because there is no one else to teach him, except the guiding hand of the Source, and partly because he doesn’t really get the chance to fight of the machines any other time other than the one sequence where he is blowing up the tons of approaching squidy sentinels.  Here he says that there are two many, because he couldn’t yet ultimately be the superman that he already learned to be inside the Matrix.  Nonetheless, he gets the job done—proving that he had what he needed and the fate of humanity was inevitable.  The Source controlled all of these actions, proving that everything happens for a reason and it will all work out in the end.

As for Trinity’s death, she had to die.  She was let go, knowing she would soon she her man and savior in the afterlife.  Neo’s love of her and her death inspired him to realize that he own sacrifice must be made for the sake of the world.  Her death allowed the central messianic aspect to happen, and Neo’s death and pose with arms spread and legs down (so strikingly similar to the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth) screamed out sacrificial and celestial savior.


There were still a lot of philosophical aspects present in Revolutions, including a few that I believe the amazingly talented and knowledgeable corporate mofo left out.  And these aspects, if one can grasp them all, make the trilogy all-the-more enjoyable. 

There may be some questions still lingering in the minds of the viewers, but you much remember this movie encompasses tons of material from religion and mythology, and in both there are unending unanswered questions.  So, maybe it was intended for pondering and thought. 

“Will we ever see Neo again?”................“I don’t know honey.”—anticipating the second coming of there savior.  The ending doesn’t get more fitting than that—it puts us right in the position Christians are today (waiting for the return of the savior).

Or maybe they will simply see Neo again when they die, and go to heaven. Neo’s coming back is not required to see him again. So I don’t see them so much in a “position” of waiting for a returning messiah. As a matter of fact, who says they are “waiting” at all?

Was i the only one that realised that the references to Christianity were more symbolic than actually leading anyone to any closer to the spiritual truths mentioned in the matrix movies..?

For example,

“Maya”    - Illusion.
“Karma”    - Cause/Effect.
“Sati”    - Sacrifice & Love.
“Cosmology” - Quantam mechanics & Human mind.

are fundamental tenets of Hinduism, (which Buddhism is based on.)


....More symbolic than…?
maya - deceptive and false mental representation. If you are experiencing an illusion, can you currently “SEE” around it?
Karma - can you, in this world, actually at this time “SEE” your next incarnation?
Sati - can the dead husband “SEE” his dying wife’s devotion? Can she dying, “SEE” him who is already dead?
cosmology - one can observe nature and structure, but can you right this instant,“SEE” it’s origin?
The Oracle - “devines” through intuitive perception, that being a natural tendency, neither observing or reasoning, which is “SIGHT”, therefore not “SEEING”, at least in whole, the Supernatural “intent” of Divinity as it exisits unto itself. Known wholly, only unto itself. If otherwise, the oracler is God, which is unlikely given his natural “dependecy”.
Bane - again, can you at this moment “SEE” beyond your death? Hard enough to “SEE” beyond your current misery.
Zee - can you “SEE” past that which is last?
Deus Ex Machina - Did you “SEE” him coming? Then you would have known the problem was solvable.

If you cannot actually “SEE” God then how does one know God?

Symbolism is the “representation” of its unseen association. For if we “SEE” the association we then have no need of its symbolisation. Therefore, being neccessary, symbolism is the vehicle for understanding all truths, even those “mentioned” in the Matrix.

Therefore, “imagination - is” the representation of it’s unseen association.

For although you cannot “SEE” those things. You can “imagine” them.

In the mind’s eye which can"SEE” the image, or likeness, of that which cannot be “SEEN”.

There is is something that lies hidden from us all. We do not know it fully. But It “SEES” us fully.

oooooh kinda spooky.

Okay i have an idea.

Neo’s persona is an adaptive computer program similar to the orcale or the french man or even smith (which is he’s counter balance within the matrix that the architec has created). neos human form is just a shell for him to exsist in, this is similar to smiths programe infecting the other human body and finding a way out from the matrix. You have to remeber that neos program chosse a random physical body and identiy for him the body that is neo was harvested within the matrix and would not have it’s own personality , maybe…....!

the architec had created smith to balance the matrix world against the adaptive program that is neo thus when neo is destroyed so is smith. Smith was erased by the architec due to the the balance between good and evil.

The reason that neo can control the sentiels and other robots in the real world is beyond me, but consider the fact thet he can be jacked into the matrix without any real hardware connection means that he’s programe some how can communicate without hardware to the machines.
If you look at neuromancer and other cyber punk storylines of jacking in you see that some how could affect these physical robots at the mainframe source thus self destructing them. i think the creators left that bit out on how neo’s chossen human body could affect these program changes.

the multi storylines that neos program self has seen, such as zion being destroyed has never really happened and that these timeline s have happened in the blink of an eye as time within in the matrix if not consistant with the reall world. all of the various results could have happened in a nano sec. i do find it hard to understand this because trinity was part of this as well, as all the other zion characters, if they exsist out side of the matrix as actually humans then this is impossiable, unless the timeline that we see is after the chararctes awakene from the matrix.

let me know what u gus think .

Hello !
I am very curious not only about Matrix Trilogy but also,like many other people
about W brothers.
I learn in an article about Reloaded that they (perhaps) are graduates of LE ?
I don’t want to spread a rumour
but why not.They are not talkative about
the true meaning of Matrix.
Their answer is that if we want believe certains things, it isn’t bad (i remember their chat, the only one they gave)

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