Death to VeriSign

Merlin started a new website that contains, among other things, information on how to transfer your domain away from VeriSign.  In case you haven’t heard, Network Solutions (the registrar owned by VeriSign) has been implicated in numerous instances of fraudulent billing, complicity on domain stealing and more.  Do NOT do business with VeriSign in any way.

(Incidentally, this very domain is registered through NetSol, though I did so long before this current stuff started.  Anyway, needless to say I’ll be transferring myself fairly soon.)

You should also read this rant by Cory of Boing Boing.

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Actually, it’s not just Net Sols.  They’re actually a decent domain registrar that has good control of things, and allows a good management of such.  We nearly lost ours to some no-name company because they did exactly what Net Sols is being accused of!  We get several requests a week to “renew our domain registration” since it’s “going to expire” from MANY different companies (our Office Admin just did it, thinking it was our provider - which we prevented!).  Net Sols is just the biggest of the bunch, so it’s getting sued for the same shit everyone’s doing.  Also in their defense - I’ve never gotten a request from any of the domains I’ve registered with other companies from Network Solutions.  They seem to be the least painful of everyone.  Sorry, I’m not complaining about Verisign/NetSols.  They seems to be more credible than just about everyone else out there (fuckers…).  I’ve had better luck, more communication, better management, and better security than any other domain registrar I’ve done business with.  They cost more, but to me, it’s worth it.