EE vs. MT Comparison

Rick, over on his own blog, pointed to this very excellent :EE: vs. :MT: comparison.  It’s relatively subjective and certainly doesn’t cover all the features or points of either system, but it’s still a very nice read comparing ExpressionEngine and (the still forthcoming) Movable Type 3.0.

Be sure to read the comments, too.  I’m secretly grinning at the definite EE/pM bias in the comments so far. [grin]

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Wow, that’s a very good read.  Some things that stand out to me:

a short inspection of those forums tells me that the developers are responsive and helpful (I received a response overnight on Saturday!)

That’s our Chris Curtis!  w00t!

Tags are fairly comprehensive, correctly documented (though the documentation can be improved)

That’s gotta sting, though the few instances I hear of people saying that, there’s never anything tangible.  I personally think the issue is the actual grasping of the very new concepts, and blaming the messenger for having to chew on it to understand it, in this case, the documentation.

Derek, I definitely find the documentation of MT better than the one of EE, which I ranked as correct (not bad grin. One may find this subjective, but I’ll try to give you one example, which is precisely something I stumble on with EE: how to create a new weblog. In MT it’s straightforward, takes half a page and in reality a few minutes before your new weblog is up and running. In EE, I followed the instructions in the doc and couldn’t get anything work from there. Only by digging the forums did I understand that EE does not create a default set of templates, that I have to do this manually for each new weblog I create, and that a users weblog module is planned in the future. Another example: I found nowhere (or missed) an explanation of the URL scheme in EE.

Another thing you may find subjective, the style of the EE documentation tend to be one of a developer doc, while MT’s language is (to me) more accessible to the novice.

I’m definitely not shooting the messenger here, just trying to make constructive comments, hinting where there is room for improvement.

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