I’m guilty, I admit it.  Guilty of using Google to see what comes up with the search term “chris curtis”.  I know there are lots of other people named “Chris Curtis” out there and in the past when I looked none of the top results ever had to do with me.

Well, that’s different now.  This site is currently the top result for “chris curtis”.  I imagine it’s probably because my name is listed as the author for every entry as well as the fact that it’s included in the header on each page.

Which reminds me: why the heck do I have it listing me as the author if I’m the only one ever posting?  So… anyone else want access to post entries?  If I’m feeling generous and I think you aren’t a complete waste of oxygen (:grin:) I may give you an account to post with.  Any interest?

This is an older entry and as such, it may be by a guest author or contain formatting problems / extraneous code. If you notice something wrong with the entry, please use the Contact page to let me know the entry title and issue.


Well, duh.  I’m tired of passing links on to you and you getting all the credit!  It’s like Da Vinci.  Everything he did was drawn by his friend Reginald, but he looked funny and no one would buy his art.  Yeah, I’m like Reginald.

Oh, if you let me have an account, you had better install a spell checker. wink

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