Ejecting a Stuck Disc in OS X

So, I popped an old burned-DVD disc into my MacMini today, but nothing happened.  The disc wasn’t mounted, DVD Player didn’t start up, nothing.  I’ve had similar things happen in the past and usually I can get the disc to eject either via iTunes or the Disk Utility or if somehow that doesn’t work, then rebooting and holding down the mouse button to force the disc to eject.  Well, those things didn’t work this time.  Neither did any of the other usual solutions.  Even using “drutil” via Terminal didn’t do anything at all.  Needless to say, I was very frustrated after an hour spent trying all sorts of things with none of them working.

Finally, I came upon a DVD stuck in MacBook Pro post over on Silvermac.com, that provided the solution I needed.  As I mentioned to a buddy, though, even though the trick worked, it boggles my mind that the way to “fix” it was to physically restrain the disc from spinning long enough that the computer went, “Crap, something’s wrong!  I better try and eject this disc.”  As if that isn’t what I’d been trying to tell the computer via 147 different ways for the last hour before that.  *sigh*

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