Equinox: Defender of the Horde

Webcomics are becoming more and more popular these days, but that’s not really what this is.  Rather, Equinox is more like a graphical novel, but created with shots from the World of Warcraft video game.  Videos done this way are referred to as “machinima”, but this really isn’t exactly the same thing since it isn’t video.  What it is, though, is excellent.

The site presents three seasons of stories (the third season is in progress) that tell the story of our protagonist Equinox, a simple, but endearing warrior.  As I read through the stories, I was continually surprised by how deep and moving something so “simple” as telling a story this way could be.  I really cared what happened to these characters and the author (artist?) has done a fantastic job in creating the series so far.

It’s an interesting tidbit that the characters used in the stories are actually from my own World of Warcraft play realm, Shadow Council.  Kind of neat having some mini-celebrities in our midst.


I have to wholeheartedly agree the character development and storylines are very cleverly created and really bring the authors interpretation of the warcraft world to life, they are a great easy read and very skillfully crafted.

One question.

Why does the webcomic link not work?

Is it perma-dead or will it be fixed?

If so, or if it has been moved somewhere please let me know, the comic sounds interesting and I’d like to read it. I left my email, feel free to sent me a msg.


Or not, nvm it is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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