Finding Equilibrium

My roommate bought the Equilibrium DVD this weekend and we watched it.  First, the movie premise: It’s the future well after World War III.  The entire population takes emotion-suppressing drugs because they found that emotions are the root of all of humanities problems—crime, war, etc.  A group called the Grammaton Clerics (think super-police/SS) have been formed to find anyone not taking the drug and to destroy all forms of art and such.  Basically, your semi-typical dark future in the vein of 1984 or Fahrenheit 451.

Anyway, Christian Bale does a great job playing the main character (Taye Diggs is good, too).  The fight scenes are excellent and very gun-heavy, both of which you might expect from a movie in which the Clerics are taught a fighting style known as “Gun-Kata”.  Equilibrium isn’t an especially deep or significant movie, despite the whole focus on emotion, personal freedom, etc., but it’s still a very fun flick.  It’s certainly worth renting if for nothing else than the excellent fight scenes.

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