Gasp! Maps by Google

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check out Google’s new beta map search.  It is très cool, with slick-looking maps that make Mapquest and Yahoo’s look like grade school art projects.

And courtesy of macOSXhints, if you are fortunate enough to be using an Apple, there’s an applescript that someone created to add a link to all of the entries in your Address Book app to open Firefox to a map of that contact’s address.  Très cool?  Nay.  Extrèmement cool.  For Mac users who are still using Safari instead of Firefox, you’ll have to wait until Apple updates Safari to work with the new interface type that Google Maps is implementing.

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Wow, I completely missed this post!  (On my own site, too!)  Google Maps is definitely very slick.  I really love how you can search for businesses and get the little push-pins showing where they’re actually located.  For instance, here’s my local Best Buy.  It’s barely a mile away… which is probably a very bad thing for a tech geek like me!

Slick, except more than once it has told me “does not understand that destination” to a destination it gave me.

Just an update that Google Maps now supports Safari.

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