Godzilla Comes Smashing Down

Toho, the company that owns the rights to Godzilla—you know, that giant, fire-breathing, radioactive lizard that’s terrorized the citizens of Tokyo for decades—is apparently scared that Dave Linabury’s Davezilla blog might be infringing on their copyright and trademark.

So, in good company-overreacting-because-it-has-its-head-up-its-ass fashion, they’ve threatened Dave with legal action if he doesn’t remove anything at all that might “confuse” people.  Of course, it doesn’t matter that his blog couldn’t even remotely be considered to confuse people as to whether or not he represents Toho.

But Dave’s decided to fight, so that’s good news.  More power to you, Dave, and rest assured that you have a huge chunk of the community behind you.  Of course, the other question on everyone’s mind is whether Mozilla is next…

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