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Yup, another WoW post, so fair warning up front! =)  This time, I’m planning to give some information on how to set up the Grid and Clique addons to use (primarily) for healing.  This is a common alternative to HealBot and I really like it myself.  Basically, the idea is that you have relevant information about your party/raid displayed in a condensed area for you upon which you can then perform actions (such as healing, cleansing, etc.).  I’m doing this mini-tutorial from a paladin perspective, but the concepts are applicable for everyone.  Continue on to start learning!

First things first; you want to download and install the following addons just like normal

Grid - displays information about your party/raid in a “grid”
GridManaBars - adds configurable manabars to Grid, so you know how much mana your healers have (optional)
GridStatusRaidDebuff - adds special warnings when members get certain boss/encounter-specific debuffs (optional)
Clique - allows you to set actions to occur when you click things in various ways


Once these are installed, go ahead and load up WoW and log into your character.  Open up the Grid configuration by typing “/grid config”.  Go to Grid > Frame > Advanced to configure how Grid looks as far as width, height, etc. are concerned.  Each character “block” is considered a Frame in Grid.  Here’s how I have my own set up:

Enable Center Text 2 indicator
Icon Border Size: 1
Icon Size: 10
Enable Icon Cooldown Frame
Enable Icon Stack Text
Enable Mouseover Highlight
Border Size: 1
Corner Size: 6
Font Size: 8
Frame Height: 21
Frame Width: 48
Orientation of Frame: Horizontal
Orientation of Text: Vertical

If you downloaded the GridManaBars plugin, you can set that up under Grid > Frame > Advanced > Mana Bar.  I have mine at the “Bottom” with a size of 10.  The other categories under Grid > Frame control how things are displayed in the Frame box by indicating which items are active for each category.  My own notable settings:

Border: Aggro alert, Your target
Center Text: Unit Name
Center Text 2: Death warning, Debuff: Ghost, Feign Death warning, Health deficit, Offline warning
Center Icon: Debuff type: Disease, Debuff type: Magic, Debuff type: Poison (I recommend choosing whatever it is you can cleanse/decurse/whatever), Raid Debuff, Ready Check
Bottom Left Corner: Incoming heals
Bottom Right Corner: Aggro alert
Frame Alpha: Death warning, More than 40 yards away, Offline warning
Mana Bar: Mana

The Grid > Layout options control the overall grid look as opposed to the individual boxes.  Most of these should be fine by default, but some of my settings:

Horizontal groups
Clamped to screen
Padding: 2
Spacing: 6
Scale: 1.7

The Grid > Layout > Advanced section is pretty small, but it can be important.  Notably, this section determines how the grid “grows” when you get new members.  For my own setup, I have “TOPLEFT” selected for both Layout Anchor and Group Anchor.  This means that for me, new party members are added to the right side and additional groups grow down.

Now, you may also want to monitor a piece of information that isn’t available in Grid by default.  For instance, I want to see targets that have a “Sacred Shield” buff on them (so I know not to cast it on that target myself).  I can set that up by going to Grid > Status > Auras and then entering “Sacred Shield” in Add New Buff and hitting enter.  You’ll now see that new buff in the list (“Buff: Sacred Shield”) and I can click on it to set options.  In this particular case, I’d only want to change the color to a light yellow.

So, you’ve set up a new buff to monitor, but you’re not doing anything with it.  Let’s go back to Grid > Frame > Top Left Corner.  Now there’s a “Buff: Sacred Shield” option for me to check.  So, whenever a target has a Sacred Shield on them, I’ll see a light yellow box in the upper left corner of the Frame for that character.  You can, of course, monitor lots of other things if you want.  For instance, I have another buff set to show Beacon of Light in the Top Right Corner (with “Show if mine” checked for that buff in the setup).  A druid or priest might want to set up indicators for their different HoTs.  If you need more indicator locations, you could get GridSideIndicators which will add spots on the left, right, top, and bottom in addition to the corners.

Let’s see it all in action (Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest are fantastic ways to test out your configurations, incidentally!):



At this point, you should be sitting pretty good with Grid.  You can mess with specific settings (width, height, padding, and spacing primarily) to get a good setup that works for you, but it ought to be working reasonably well for you like it is.  So, now you have a big grid that displays wonderful information for you, but aside from being information it’s not too useful.  That’s where Clique comes in!  What it does in a nutshell is allow you to set certain actions to occur when you “click” on frames - in this case the frames in Grid (kind of convenient how they’re referred to as Frames now, huh?).

So, open up your regular Spellbook (“P” by default) and you’ll see a new tab at the bottom on the right side.  This is how you configure Clique.


When you click that tab, a new window opens to configure Clique.


For a basic example, let’s imagine that I wanted to cast Holy Light when I

-Rightclick on a target.  To assign that, I simply go to my Holy spells in the spellbook, find Holy Light and click on it exactly how I want to use it - i.e. I hold

down and Rightclick on the spell in the spellbook.  You’ll see the spell then added to the Clique window along with the keybinding you chose for it.

That’s Clique at its most basic, but it’s a lot more powerful than that.  One of the really nice things about Clique is that you can set the action you want performed to be a macro rather than a direct spell.  I like to macro in cooldown abilities as well as trinkets with my spells sometimes and mouseover conditionals just to make sure things all work correctly.  For instance, my Flash of Light and Holy Light macros (named “FoL” and “HL”, respectively) are:

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/use Platinum Disks of Sorcery
/cast [target=mouseover,help][target=player] Flash of Light 
#showtooltip Holy Light
/cast Divine Illumination
/cast [target=mouseover,help][target=player][target=target] Holy Light 

Of course, I want to use them with Clique, so I need to set that up.  Go back to your Clique configuration window (click on the new tab in the spellbook, remember) and then highlight that Holy Light entry you made earlier.  At the bottom, I want to click “Edit”, which brings up, you guessed it, the Edit window.


Here I want to choose “Run Custom Macro” and “HL” for the “Macro Index” and then save.  You could also simply specify the macro to use in that window if you didn’t want to create the macro via the normal “/macro” interface beforehand.  Now, when I’m holy-specced and do a

-Rightclick on a grid frame, it’ll pop my Divine Illumination talent and cast a Holy Light on the target.

Now, holy paladins also have a neat spell called Holy Shock, which can both heal a friend and damage an enemy.  This means it’s going to need some more clever macroing to get it to work like I want: if I have a friendly character targeted and Middleclick or Middleclick on the Grid frame, I want to heal them, but if I have an enemy targeted, I want to be able to damage them.  The following macro (named “HS” in my setup) lets me do this:

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/use Divine Favor
/cast [target=mouseover,exists][exists][target=player] Holy Shock 

I also do a special macro for my Beacon of Light, which again triggers Divine Illumination, but this time it also puts up a Deadly Boss Mods timer for me to help me track when the Beacon is about to expire:

#showtooltip Beacon of Light
/cast Divine Illumination
/cast [target=mouseover,help][target=player] Beacon of Light
/dbm timer 90 BEACON OF LIGHT 

You may also want to open the “Frames” option in the Clique configuration window, which allows you to specify exactly which frames Clique will pay attention to.  For instance, if you decided that you wanted to use a regular Rightclick for one of your abilities, you’d probably want to deselect “PlayerFrame” and “TargetFrame” at the very least so that you’d still be able to right-click on those frames to whisper, invite, change dungeon settings, etc.

For reference, here’s my current Clique setup:


You can even get more advanced with Clique and set up different Profiles, then have it switch the profile you use when you activate your other talent spec.  But, this should give you an idea about how to use these two addons together to make things faster and easier for you!


Yo, imma let you finish, but before you do I just wanted to say thanks for writing this kick ass guide for me!

yes, thanks very much for your time in making this guide.  Shame you have not had many responses yet.

It’s certainly given me a better idea and understanding of what I should/can be doing with this mod and I’m sure it will help me with healing….

Not enough Paladin specific mod guides imo.

Thanks a lot mate - great help! Impossible to understand the configuration without a little help wink

Great guide mate.  Question though as im having a little difficulty at the moment…

I’m not using grid just yet as ive not set it up so im using the raid style frames that blizz provides.  But using clique.  I keep running into an issue where when i hover over a player frame it does the target on click or menu on right click (which i want disssabled) and im also prevented from casting several spells out of combat.)

I have an issue, I have always used GRID ... I have always left it so that RIGHT CLICK targets a player ... and for some reason I am unable to. HOW do I make it so that RIGHT click simply targets the player I wish to target without casting any spell.

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