Hating people in style!

The much discussed tee-shirt is now available for sale!  Some people say, “I don’t hate people, I hate their behavior.”  But the more you’re around people, the more you realize, naw, people’s behavior isn’t bad, they’re just jerks.

Proclaim it loud.  Or in lowercase, at least.  High quality heavyweight black Gildan tee-shirt, professionally silkscreened with Chris’s own catchphrase.

Accepting pre-orders now for $12.99 each.  The shirts are in production as we speak and will be off the presses in a little over a week.  I’ll be moving the price up to $14.99 to match all the trendy online shirt stores after I receive the shipment, so act now and save!  Shipping method is USPS quickity-split!  And yeah, that’s right.  I’m using PayPal.  And didn’t bother to customize the button or anything.  You know why?  (points down)



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That’s awesome!

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