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Together with Les and Paul of pMachine, I have created a site that you can use to help your users understand what feeds are and help them to subscribe to your feed: Feed Quick Start.

We skip all of the technical blather and get right down to what’s important: show how feeds make your experience on the net more convenient, and safer, as well as how to read and subscribe to them quickly.  Even the most technophobic users should have no problem following this very simple site.

If you are a site owner, check out the webmaster page which includes a tool that will allow you to link to FQS in a way that promotes your own site, and gets the user to subscribe to your feed right away!

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What an excellent idea.  My day job involves advising small businesses on how to use eCommerce and the Internet and time and time again they look blank when I mention RSS feeds.

It’s very easy for us technical types to understand what feeds are but many small businesses don’t care how they work, they just want to know if they’ll work and whether they can use them to get more business.

When I get back to work I’ll mention your new site on our blog.

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