HL2-based Comic

Found via Boing Boing, “Brashfink” has created a great comic by taking screenshots from the game “Half-Life 2” and then adding word balloons.  Apostasy, Issue 1 looks very good and is entertaining to boot.

Gamics.com is a site dedicated to this sort of idea: making comics based on video game screenshots.

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Your site moves drasticly to the left on a 1600x1200 rez…

Prolly nothing you should bother fixing though. Not many use that I suppose. I like it though…

Prolly =! Probably
Just say no to AOL.

Good comic. I like the game’s story a little better, but hey, for ameteurs, this is some good stuff.

Er, Greggers, do you mean !=?  And while AOLbonics might include “prolly”, the Oxford English dictionary dates its use back to 1962.  It’s also a common truncation in Utah and British Columbia.

As for the site, on my screen if I go wider than 1400 or so, it all jumps to the right.

HA, did I say left? I mean right…

Yeah my other left…

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