Holy Paladins - a.k.a. Healadins

Warning: if you don’t care about WoW, you won’t care about this. =)  However, since WoW is one of my bigger pastimes - and I’m woefully slacking on posting to the site - I figured I might as well share some info.

My main character is a protection paladin, Teneral (Shadow Council realm).  However, with the recent dual talent ability addition, I decided to give healing a try, so I’ve been working more on my healing gear and learning quite a bit more about that aspect of the class.  There’s an amazing amount of information available “out there”, but a lot of it is outdated and other information just isn’t that good.  Finding the useful stuff can take some effort.  So, I figured I would share some of the information I found on the off chance that others might be able to make use of it.

HolyPaladin.net has a great variety of information useful to, well, holy paladins.  Some information’s also much broader than that and is applicable to other specs/classes.  The Choosing Gear section is, of course, all about how to choose your gear.  Haste, crit, Mp5, spellpower, etc.  There’s other information about tactics and strategies to take in both PvE and PvP.

For recommendations on specific gear, what I found on I am a Paladin came in very useful.  The author put out a 3-part guide regarding Ulduar gear (and more).  Part 1 covers gems, spec/glyphs, and macros.  Part 2 covers the majority of the gear slots.  Part 3 continues the rest of the gear slots and then talks about enchants, flasks, and food.  There are plenty of other useful posts on the site, as well.

These are far from the only good resources out there (Elitist Jerks has a fantastic “Compendium” thread), but they should give other people in a similar position to me somewhere to start.  Enjoy!


Thanks!  I’ve been looking for healadin information and am grateful for what you’ve pulled together.

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