Holy Paladins and 4.0/Cataclysm

First, let me just state up front that I have no personal experience with this yet.  Holy has been my offspec for Teneral for quite a while, but I haven’t messed with it since the patch, though I’ll likely be rectifying that today.  Pre-patch, when I read about the upcoming changes, I didn’t really know what to think.  Adding some new abilities is good and it’ll change things up for us, but it just doesn’t seem nearly as “cool” as changes for some of the other healers.  Priests in particular seem to have gotten a lot of neat new mechanics.  (Hmm, perhaps I’ll have to make a Worgen priest after Cata releases…)

So, anyway, 4.0.1 released and healadins went about speccing, instancing and raiding.  Then they shouted, “WTF?!?”  After the patch, there were a lot of holy paladins very unhappy with things.  Kurn posted some initial thoughts and Janyaa said “4.0 Healing is a Joke and Holy Paladins are the Punchline” among many others.

Since then, there have been several hotfixes that adjust things around and it sounds like the situation is now much better for healadins.  Janyaa posted again in a much better state and Kurn discussed it, too.  There’s also a nice post over on bubblespec with some tips/thoughts.

So, I’ll be trying it out myself and we’ll just have to see if I decide to stick with Holy as my offspec.  I actually have never tried Ret if you can believe it and this might be a good reason/opportunity to do so.  I mean, I have pretty much a full 264 set sitting in my bank for it already…

Update: With patch 4.0.3a out now, there have been quite a few additional changes.  Check out Kurn’s What Holy Paladins Need to Know for 4.0.3a for some more info.

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