I am a Digital Nerd

As much as I usually try to avoid posting about all those “find out what xxxx” you are quizzes, I must admit that I took this recent MSNBC one on your Digital IQ.  Basically, it measures how “with it” you are in regards to all things digital.

I’m definitely a full-fledged cyber-nerd with a score of 143.  What did you get?

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Wow I scored 141! Although I think I clicked the wrong answer on the “Have you ever written a virus question”. I mean, it won’t be finished till next week (just kidding). I wonder….... If this is an attempt to snare some virus programmers. I mean this is MSNBC (MSN) = Microsoft. You know they are offering a million bucks to catch the soBig and msBlast authors.

....Or, maybe that question about downloading mp3’s is an attempt to snare filesharers. Paranoid?

I gots me a 162.  I do think that some of the questions are a bit…well, not really fitting for the title “Digital IQ”, as some of it is simply “do you own gadget <x>”.  Or based on wireless connectivity.  There’s not really a correlation between intimately understanding these things and simply having them.

Yeah, agreed.  Some of them I probably could have answered as “yes” (or whatever) but didn’t.  I think I may go take it again in an attempt to hit 147 squarely! :D

hehe, and a right good goal that is to have. smile

Woohoo!! Finally got 147!  ...and it only took another 5 or so tries to narrow in on it without going over or under! wink

Incidentally, I apparently need to get either a laptop (with wireless access, of course) or a PDA to reach the next level of geek-dom.

171. Take that! And I am in sales!!

205.  Having a lot of wireless stuff helps.

Good grief!  You people put my geekiness to shame.  You’re like some kind of… uber-geeks, who look down on us lesser geeks with a combination of pity and pride.

Yeah, listen to me prattle on… it’s a good thing this is a short work week.

no f’ing kidding

I got a 158. I’m an IT. Chris, your score really does durprise me.


Yeah, Chris…what’s up with that score?  Join the über geeks.

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