I Want My Gmail

Okay, I’m really jealous.  I see all these other people around saying they’re getting Gmail accounts.  I want one, too.  Why’s everyone else get something cool like that and I can’t? :(

So, if you happen to have a Gmail account and have a spare “invite”, you could throw it my way.  I’d be ever so grateful.  No, really.  I feel so left out…

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ME TOO! how are people getting these?

When you get an invite from Google, they give you so many additional invites that you can hand out to friends or colleagues.  That equates to an already very large pool of testers out there, and from comments that I see, it’s ready to roll out.  Why don’t they just open it up already?  *sigh*

Anyone offer you an invite yet?

I’ve got a few to offer people. Send me your e-mail address that you want me to send the invite to, and I’ll send it. smile

I don’t know if I agree that it’s ready to roll out. I really feel that the “contacts” section needs a lot of work, as you will soon see. smile

Soon though, very soon!

Blarg, the server is down.

Actually, it’s probably just slow. I was creating an account for my mother and it gave me that error too. However, when I tried again it said it was already used.

If you still need one, Chris, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I’ll clickie the invite link. =)

Everyone: you rock!  Man, I should have whined about this a long time ago. [grin]

Anyway, I did get an invite last night and I’ve signed up.  Haven’t played with it too much, but the interface is very impressive so far.  Thanks so much for all the offers of help.

LOL!  Today’s User Friendly strip is particularly appropriate. [grin]

So Chris, did you wind up using someone else’s invite? Since I haven’t seen an message back saying that you did indeed sign up, I can only assume that you did. Glad to see you got one.

I guess the invite I sent off will come back in a couple of weeks… I wonder how much longer Gmail will be in beta…

so since you have an extra invite…..um…

still need it?

Well, the problem is that I sent it out. So unless Chris sends the link to you, I have no way of sending it to you myself. At least not for a little less than 2 weeks from now. :/

If Chris want’s to forward the invite I sent him, that would be fine with me.

I can forward the invite, Greg on one condition.  You’ve gotta try and type correctly when you leave comments! [grin]  Deal?

Don’t do it Greg!  It’s not worth it!  Spelling, man, spelling!  :devil:

Hey now, I DO try to type correctly. It’s just that when I catch your site, i’m in a hurry to go somewhere, or I’m doing like 10 other things.

(I think someone should allow editing raspberry)

But OK, I will put forth a far more valient effort towards spelling and grammer on yon CC board.

<PB comes in on monday night!!!!!!  :beer:

Nice! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) is now mine.

In payment i will do my best to type VERY nicely on CC.org

Aaand you forgot to capitalize your “I”.  *ducks*

I didn’t forget, its uh… a uh.. zen… thing. I, i mean i dont think if myself as… capitol.

BTW, the powerbook is setting in my girlfrieds bedroom… 2 hours away , it took them 23 hours to get it from shanghai to her house… no extra charge. I ordered it sunday night :D.

BTWBTW, i noticed you cannot check gmail through pop3. Lamo.

I’ve got 2 invites left. I’m happy to pass them on. First come, first serve. Let me know and I’ll fire off the invites tonight.


Gmail info. http://www.gmail-is-too-creepy.com/

i’m so tired of hotmail and yahoo, could you please send me a Gmail invitation?
Thanks in advance.

I have 6…want one?? email me. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with ur email

I have 6…want one?? email me. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with ur email

please send me invite please please

please find grammer fairy and ask wish please please

i’m so tired of hotmail and yahoo, could you please send me a Gmail invitation?
Thanks in advance.

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