iPod Itch Cooled

This past week, spending so much time with iTunes had left me with a severe itch for an iPod.  Specifically, a 15GB 3rd-Generation iPod, along with Griffin Technology’s iTrip.  The iTrip stands out from other FM transmitters in that it allows you to use whatever station number you want, by sending a signal from your iPod that tell the iTrip what digital frequency you want to use to dial your iPod in.  It also needs no batteries, and turns on when it has a signal from your iPod, and turns off after 60 seconds of silence.

But this isn’t a post about the iTrip, or even the iPod.  My anti-itch ointment is revealed further:

As you can see, my itch is still there, but it’s been cooled.  By what might you ask?  Well, while shopping for cheaper alternatives to take my now-digitized music collection on the road with me, I considered MP3-based in-dash cd players.  And then it hit me: why not just use CD-RW’s and keep my factory stereo?  In my 13 some-odd years of using computers after the advent of the CD-ROM, I had never, ever burned an RW disc.  Weird, huh?  So I got some Maxells the other day, the only 80 minute / 700mb RW’s I could find (thought it might be key to working with my factory cd player), and made the following Smart Playlist:

My Rating is greater than 3 stars
Genre is not Sound Effects
Limit to 79 minutes selected by random

Burn, and off I go.  Only drawback is that RW’s only burn at 4x, so it’s a 20 minute wait for the disc, but it’ll keep me happy as long as they keep working.  Oh, and why 79 minutes?  If you put 80 minutes, it allows for 80 minutes and xx seconds, overfilling the disc.

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thats genius dood, though i still want to get rid of all ym CDs when i leave the Us and go ipod with dvd back-up only

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