Is Bush Wired?

The link to this site was “hidden” in one of the little link boxes over on Paul’s site.  So, I guess you can blame him. wink

Basically, there’s a website out there that’s discussing the possibility that President Bush is being prompted through an earpiece during the debates (and other speeches).  Now, parroting someone else’s lines is nothing new and it isn’t so different from using a teleprompter, but the main difference here is that (if indeed this is happening) it’s trying to be done in secret.

Anyway, the site doesn’t really have compelling evidence to support the possibility, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  If nothing else, it would help explain some of his speech patterns.

(Oh, and speaking of Bush’s speech patterns… the man’s pronunciation downright frightens me!  “nuclear” = “new-kyoo-ler”?  I’ve never heard him say the word right.  Oh, and a new one from last night’s debate: “mercury” = “mer-kur-ee”.  Sheesh.)

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