Like the New Titles?

I decided to try implementing the Nice Titles script.  (Originally by Stuart Langridge and further modified by several people.)  To see it in action simply hover your mouse over the link in this paragraph or those in either of the previous two entries.

So, how do you like it?  Is it worth keeping or is it just a “that’s neat but it doesn’t really do anything” feature?  Oh, if you want to add a title to your link when using the pMcode, do this:

[url=” title=“Google Rocks!]Google[/url]

(Notice there’s no quote at either the beginning or end; those will be added automatically.)

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yooooo I do like those (what the hell is wrong with my type in the box… its HUGE!) . The user doesnt have to download anything to see these do they? I wouldnt mind using these on muh site.

OOOH btw chris,... i needed a legal page, so i uh, borrowed yours… that cool? I redid everything that said “chriscurtis” wait… is your legal page covered in your legal page? can you REALLY do anything if i wasnt nice and just stole the text from there?

Well, ill be looking for a webpage with a “howto” on legal stuff in the mean time. Check out [url=][/url] and let me know what you think of the new look. Ive still not implemented CCS files much to Derek’s dismay. But im getting there.  Im digging the not white wepage.

Comments? (the first two pictures dont work yet, ive not made thier pages) ~Greg

You might need to refresh or dump your cache, Greggo.  It’s probably applying an older version of the style sheet on your computer, as the text isn’t very big at all.

Well, the text is only big in the typing box, when it hit the site its small again… oh well.

ps. I looked all over that website and i couldnt find ANY nice tities, i think the link is farked.

Uh….did you try the link in the post?


read my post more carefully Trebeck

I did, and you didn’t spell either of them right.

ok lame attempt at the “famous titles for 400” SNL joke… i forget sometimes i have to be masterfully funny for derek :p :D

How in the world could you have forgotten that? wink

<voice style=“willFerrelDoingTrebeck”>And, I’m sorry, Mr. Connery, but I don’t know what you’re talking about…</voice>

ooooook uh if youll notice ive used this on my site as well.. (yeah i like the hell out of it :D, but for some reason its only working on my home area’s maped image hrefs. whats wrong with my coding that’s not ltetting this work on image href hover?

Chris, I think it’s cool and adds to the overall feel of your site.

crap, ok, now it works, but only in mozilla.. and not in IE however..’s titles do work in IE. Did you vary from the code as it was done on the site?

Nope, I didn’t do anything special.  I just downloaded the zip file, uploaded the javascript and linked to it and then put in the :CSS: styles (slightly modified).  Nothing special at all.

oooook, ive got it working in IE now, yet another poroblemo…. my maped image on page on no longer shows the nicetitles, and in ie, i still get teh nice title as well as the crappy titles ...??? i really need to take a class on this.

‘Fraid I don’t really know, Greg.  Like I said before, I didn’t do anything special to get mine working.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the script didn’t work with the image map (thoughit’s odd that you did have it working earlier).  No clue why IE is behaving differently for your site than mine, either.

you dont have a script thats turning off IE standard hover?

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