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Any regular readers will no doubt now notice that there are tiny icons next to any links that point to outside sources.  I saw the effect on web-graphics and traced it to my-dimension (which, in turn, apparently got it from somewhere else).  Anyway, it’s a cool, useful effect, I think.

If I ever posted email addresses then there’d be an icon for that, too.  But I basically never do that, so it’s kind of pointless.

Oh, and this effect will only work with browsers that understand CSS3 selectors, which essentially means Mozilla and other Gecko-based browsers.  IE users are out of luck unless you start using a better browser.

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I came across a D6 Starship Generator that you made for “Servais”...does that ring a bell?? Anyway, do you have one that would allow me to increase the length of the Starship beyond 2,500 meters? Like maybe to that of a Super Star Destroyer’s length? Also, Could you have the program increase the fighter size maximum from 150 fighters to _ _ squadrons?  Could you allow large cargo ships to have a much greater cargo size than present maximum size of 500 metric tons? And last of all… could you allow a type of Cloaking given to a ship??
I am not complaining about your program as it is quite Awesome!! I am trying to build a fleet of Starships and would ask you if you could help me with these areas??? Thank you, Chris!! Please advise me if you are too busy or whatever you feel you want to say to me about my “strange requests”, ok?? Thank you, again!!
Always In Christ,
John T. Beckman, III.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Ph# 706-650-1080

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