Maximizing your Rogue Gear

I previously posted about consumables that should be brought to every raid.  Consumables are very important, but they’re temporary.  In addition, we need to worry about other ways to maximize our potential and that includes getting our gear enchanted and using the best gems we can in that gear.  If you’re going to a raid without an item enchanted or with gear unsocketed, all you’re doing is letting yourself and your raid down.  You’re not being the best rogue you can be.

Specifics when you continue on.


Below are typically the “best” enchant to get for each item slot.  Some of them aren’t actually true enchants (head, shoulder, leg), but they do the same thing.  If you have a piece of gear and you know you won’t be using it long, you can sometimes go for a lesser version of some of these enchants, but if you’re going to be using a piece of gear for a while, do yourself and your raid a favor and get it enchanted!  If multiple things are listed, they’re placed in general order of preference for the “best” enchant.

Head: [Glyph of Ferocity]

Shoulder: [Greater Inscription of Vengeance] (Exalted with The Aldor)
[Greater Inscription of the Blade] (Exalted with The Scryers)
Honored versions of above

Cloak: Greater Agility - +12agility

Chest: Exceptional Stats - +6 to all stats

Legs: [Nethercobra Leg Armor]

Feet: Cat’s Swiftness - +6agility, minor run speed
Dexterity - +12agility
Surefooted - +10hit rating, 5% snare/root resist
Boar’s Speed - +9stamina, minor run speed

Wrist: Assault - +24AP

Hands: Superior Agility - +15agility
Assault - +26AP

Weapon: Mongoose - +120agility and slight haste increase occasionally
Executioner - occasionally ignore 840 armor (mainhand only)
Major Striking - +7damage
Greater Agility - +20agility


So, you got a new piece of gear with some gem sockets in it?  Don’t be silly and leave the sockets open, put something in it!  At the very least, go to the cheapo gem vendors in Shattrath/Hellfire Peninsula and get the generic 1-2g gems.  As with enchants, though, unless you’ll be getting rid of that piece of armor soon, do everyone a favor and put some decent gems in it.  The “best” gem for a particular person can really vary as it depends on what will help you most.  Generally speaking, though, +hit can almost never be wrong, so Rigid Dawnstone and Glinting Noble Topaz are always good bets.  Your personal milage may vary.

Typical Best Choices
Yellow: [Rigid Dawnstone]
Red: [Glinting Noble Topaz]
Blue: [Shifting Nightseye]

Other Good Gems
Yellow: [Smooth Dawnstone]
Red: [Delicate Living Ruby]
Green: [Jagged Talasite]

With wide accessibility to the epic versions of gems either from raiding or purchase with Badges of Justice, if you’ll be keeping the piece of gear for a long time, making the investment in the epic gems can be worthwhile.  They aren’t huge upgrades over the rare version, but every little bit helps when we’re trying to squeeze out more performance.

Incidentally, a lot of rogue pieces have socket bonuses that really just aren’t fantastic.  If the bonus isn’t super, don’t worry about matching the socket colors.  Instead, just put in a nice gem that helps a stat where you’re lacking.  Oh, and avoid +AP gems.  They’re almost never the right choice as most other gems will give you a better overall performance increase.

Oh, and so you can see whether or not I follow my own advice… Ghrikk on Shadow Council.


Hey Ghrikk, nice guide there

I would mention that there is a 10 hit rating enchant to boots (with 5% snare and root resist). It takes some void crystals to make.

why arnt ap gems good

Wow. I really enjoyed this post. It is fairly correct, yes. I at least see no flaws in what you are saying. I play a 70 Rogue on Cho’gall server with T4-T5 gear and we are currently doing progression runs on
SSC/TK/Hyjal with the occasional Kara/ZA so I know how frusterating it is when you have people that get new gear and don’t even TRY to get them enchanted and gemmed. As to Celson, Agility offers SO MUCH MORE than attack power does at times. Agility offers Crit and dodge as well as attack power, but I will say that crit isn’t always a good thing to have… In the case of the good old fashioned “Crit-crit-dead” Technique. I have found that using attack power you can up your DPS without upping your agro. You can also do SO MUCH MORE if you can learn to control your agro, because instead of Salv, you can take kings or Might, and you WILL DO MORE RAID DAMAGE if you can up your stats that much more by doing something as simple as staying in control of your agro.

It’s like what was stated above as well, you can almost never go wrong with +Hit… Sometimes it’s a better choice than +Agi imo.

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