More Cowbell

I have a fever…and the only cure is…

Yep, the nonstop cowbells on the sidelines down the slope.  I have no idea why, but I have serious Olympic Fever this year.  I’ve always been moderately interested in the winter Olympics, as when I was young, we would all watch the alpine events together as a family.  I just dig winter sports.  They just seem faster and more competitive than the summer games.  I’m eagerly anticipating hockey this year (go Canada! men’s, go USA! women’s), as well as all of the slope events, both skiing and snowboarding.  If you’ve never watched it before, there are two must-see events, the men’s SBX, and of course, the sick sick Halfpipe.  Cuh-ray-zee.  Don’t let those links fool you, there are some awesome female competitors as well.  Oh, and can’t forget bobseld, luge, and skeleton!

I’ve got Dish Network, but since Olympic coverage is ever more being spread out among many networks owned by the same company (this year it’s NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and USA), it’s hard to keep up with what’s going to be televised, where, and when.  To assist me, I’m trying out two Dashboard widgets: Couch Potato and TV Tracker.  You’d think that would have a good tv listing aggregate, but all I get unless I’m looking at a specific event is a File Not Found.  They do, however, have a large number of RSS feeds for each event, which I’ll make liberal use of.

If anyone knows of an RSS feed or other aggregator for Olympic broadcast schedules, please post it here! [Update: I found another channel on Dish Network, channel 9399, NBCHL, which from what I can gather, runs highlight stories of this year’s Olympics, along with comparisons to past competitions.]

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