Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition

Funny that I should mention :MT: 3.0 earlier today, because the 3.0 Developer Edition just released today.  From what I can gather, “Developer Edition” is really essentially another, more refined, public beta.  Maybe.

Anyway, the big news is the new licensing scheme to go along with 3.0.  The Free version of 3.0 allows a single author and three weblogs.  If you need more, you have to buy a license, which can run you anything from $69.95 to $599.95, depending on how many authors and weblogs you want.  Two important things to note here: first, those prices are basically “sale” prices (the regular price will be $100-700) and second, I don’t see any license that allows more than 20 authors or 15 weblogs.  Even for $600?!?!

Mena Trott has an entry in her “Mena’s Corner” weblog explaining some of the thoughts behind the licensing and new release.  Read the trackbacks.  To say that the community reaction is negative would be a huge understatement!

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