MT 3.0 Licenses Revised

A couple of days ago I posted about the :MT: 3.0 release and the furor surrounding the pricing and licenses.

Well, obviously Six Apart took a lot of the “constructive feedback” to heart and has now posted some clarification about some of the concerns with the license.  In addition, they’ve made some changes to some of the licenses.  Frankly, good for them.  I’m glad they did this and I think it reflects well on them.  Were I an MT user I’d certainly be much more relieved after reading the post; particularly the part about “What is a ‘weblog’ defined as?”.

Despite the clarifications and modifications, though, I think at least a good chunk of the damage is already done.  There are a lot of people all over the blogosphere (now there’s a word I never thought I’d type…) are already switching to other programs.  We’ve gotten quite a few new users for :ExpressionEngine: over the last few days and they almost universally have great things to say about EE’s power.  Getting used to a new system can be tough, but hopefully we’ll be getting up some resources soon to help with that.

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Ah, yeah, their interpretation of the word “weblog” is pretty important, especially since it’s completely opposite of its use everywhere else.  Ok, not opposite, but you know what I mean.  They shouldn’t use the same word to define two different things in their product.  I think a lot of the negative criticism would have been nonexistant had they not used the word “weblog” to mean “website”.

That is, unless they just changed that definition because of all of the harshy harsh.

Yea, I just swapped from a two + year stint with MT.  I have to admit I have been really impressed with the power and flexibility of EE.

I am glad ya’ll gave away the 1000 copies, otherwise the price would have been prohibitive to me.

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