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Well, it only took a full two days, and I do mean full, but my cd collection (minus 16 discs that I can’t find) is finally imported into iTunes.  3238 songs, 8.5 days, and 11.65 GB worth of music.  That’s almost obscene.  It definitely puts the iPod’s capacity into perspective, as I’d never thought it would be possible to take my entire collection with me, at least not without the 40 GB version.  They are all ripped as AAC files, so they are about 20% smaller than MP3’s would be, and since I don’t have any mobile music device at all right now, having it in the more proprietary format isn’t a concern.

So what do I listen to?  Well, I shelled out $9.95 to get iTunes Catalog, an app that not only automatically fetches artwork for your entire library instantly, but has a one-click catalog publishing feature, in a variety of formats: html, plaintext, xml, etc.  So, here’s my catalog.

I’m slowly working on the ratings.  My smart playlist that I’m using to do that is:

My Ratings is 0 Stars
Limit to 2 Hours selected at Random

So every morning the first two hours of music I listen to will be unrated songs, and using my ratings bar, I can quickly knock this out.  Well, quickly as in, a maximum of 102 days.

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