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I bought a hard drive enclosure from Newegg, and it turned out to be defective.  My faith in that particular product wasn’t strong, so I wanted to exchange it for a different one with fewer features.  Newegg’s return policy has two options: replacement for defective unit with the same item or a refund, with a 15% restock fee.  No exchange.  To try something different, even though my unit was dead on arrival, I have to refund it, and purchase a new item as a separate transaction.

It cost $50.  Plus $7 to ship.  Unit arrives dead.  I’m responsible for return shipping of the defective unit (another $7.49).  Replacement would leave me with the same suspect item, for a total cost of $64.  I didn’t feel like chancing it with another one, as it felt cheap, and I wasn’t surprised at all that it didn’t work.  (It actually did work, but if you turned it off, you couldn’t access the drive again without reformatting it.)

So I elected to refund.  Return shipping is on me ($7.49, cheapest USPS), plus the restock fee ($7.50).  So I am left with no product, and am out $22 for the experience (original shipping, return shipping, restock fee).  And had I bought another unit from Newegg, I’d have another $7 in shipping.  Btw, a restock fee on a defective item.  Scam.  The manufacturer gives them full credit on defective units, that’s the way it works.  I don’t think I would have even minded all the shipping charges if they would have let me exchange it for a more reputable product.

Contrast that with a return at Amazon.  I recently bought a bathroom scale, and the body fat analysis would always result in an error code.  The manufacturer said the circuit board was defective.  I went online, and Amazon not only allowed me the option of replacement but I could exchange if I wanted.  My phone call with the manufacturer led me to trust the product enough to do a straight swap.  Amazon created my postage paid shipping labels, and what is more, they shipped my replacement (wasn’t charged shipping on that either) before they ever received my returned item.

Sorry Newegg: I know it’s not your fault that the product was garbage, but no exchange option, leaving all shipping charges on the customer, and a restock fee on an item that (I hope) you won’t resell?  Lame.

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Wow, that bites, Derek.  I’ve never had a problem with Newegg, but then whenever I ordered anything from them it arrived as expected and worked.  I’d definitely be pretty mad if I’d had an experience like yours.  I’ll certainly hesitate to order from them in the future, that’s for sure.

Gonna have to agree with Chris. Never had that problem with new egg. But, paying the shipping sucks ass. And restock fees suck as well.

I will continute to use newegg as it saves me LOADS of money, but i will remember to research the products more so i wont be left wanting something else.

Well, the product got very high reviews from Newegg users, and on other sites as well.  But I should have went with my gut that it was just too many features in an enclosure that no other manufacturers were offering.

At first glance i could tell right away you don’t run a mail order business. I was going to school you in the fine art of the business model but decided this guy says it better. sorry about your bad experience though.

Of course I don’t run a mail order business.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have an understanding of retail P&L and customer service necessities in any of its forms.  All businesses have acceptable losses.  In any industry where a company acts as a retailer / wholesaler, i.e. any relationship where one party can be accurately labeled as a “customer”, you plan for these acceptable losses.  They are already built into your product and/or service’s price, and the accounting classification is simply “cost of doing business”.  This deserves a qualifier that in this particular transaction, there was no cost of doing business, nor any losses involved with handling the transaction.  They didn’t pay shipping, and they aren’t paying the manufacturer for the defective product.  They are, however, collecting $7.50 from me for the heck of it.

So: I appreciate the link, but be assured that I understand when and why restocking fees are used by some companies.  That link actually proves my case, in the last paragraph, noting that there are times where a restocking fee is absolutely uncalled for.  Notebooks, computers, etc., sure.  On products that a manufacturer has an auto-destroy agreement with merchants, there is no need for the restocking fee to be applied to defective returns.  There is also no need for a large, well-established merchant to disallow exchanges, with or without a restocking fee.

At first glance i could tell right away you donít run a mail order business.

I would also like to add that the implication in that statement is just silly.  Are you really saying that a consumer should dynamically lower their expectations based on the business model?  This isn’t Manolio Ugly One’s ‘Lectropawn, this is a large, national company dealing thousands of transactions daily.

No. I was just being silly. And I thought the evidence of that was in the fact that presented you with a link that had an objective view from both sides. My intention was not to raze you, just to be silly. Sorry about that.

No worries, sorry I misunderstood.

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Next time call your credit card company up. They will credit you back. At least the 15% restocking fee. I know citibank will.

I’ve spent thousands with newegg, but everytime i get a defective product, im stuck covering all shipping, AND a RESTOCK FEE?  why should they charge me a restock fee to return something that’s defective??  NOBODY should ever buy from newegg again

I just experienced a similar situation, but after submitting my RMA on the newegg site, I emailed customer service and let them know of my dissatisfaction. After a few hours I received an email with a link to a prepaid return shipping label and was told that my restocking fee had been waived. I was pleased with this response, but I feel that I should have not had to do this, as others may not have been as fortunate.

I will note that my item was $29.99 and was found defective on arrival. Return shipping was going to be around $7.50 and the restocking fee was $4.50. Thankfully, this has been waived so I am only out my initial shipping charge of around $7, which kind of stinks, but whatcha gonna do?

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