No Saruman in RotK??

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WTF??  Christopher Lee seems to be confirming that his role as the wizard Saruman has been cut from the forthcoming Return of the King movie—the final chapter in the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.  This seriously sucks because Lee is such a great actor and he had some really great scenes in the first two films.

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Yeah, Lee is understandably devastated, angry, confused, and hurt at the same time.  I mean, LotR is in his mind the epitomy and crowning moment of his career, to be involved in Tolkein’s story.

Evidently, his side story is too time consuming and an offshoot of the main plot to keep in the already 3-1/2 hour theatrical version.  I understand that Peter Jackson and the studio have tried to explain it to him, and that the real version, for all practical purposes, and certainly for fans, is the extended release, which will have all of those parts back in.

I feel really, really bad for him, and think that New Line should have just ran a 4 hour movie with an intermission, and keep Lee in each film.  Poor guy.

I don’t think Lee is so concerned about His career as He is concerned about the story itself. Saruman plays an important role in the scourging of the Shire ( which is after the “king” returns ). See Tolkien started it all in the Shire with “The Hobbit”, and His aim seems to have been to end it there as well in Return of the King. Well I guess if Saruman is out then that means there are no Hobbits rescuing the shire and no worm tounge killing the fallen wizard. Which is of course part of the ending to the Lord of the Rings. I think Peter Jackson is duped into thinking that Return of the King is about Stryder. [stryder becomes his royal family name]. And although we see Aragorn progress from the paths of the dead into a real leadership role. It is an undying fact that these stories are really about the Bagginses and aquaintences.Because without them there is no return of the king. The whole end of the book ends without any real mention of Aragorn. The book ends with frodo and sam. That is where Tolkien wanted it to go.

I’m basis my comment completely on the words of Mr. Lee himself, and not from this article.

No, he’s not concerned about his “career” per se in that it’s not going to ruin him.  But it’s a personal thing to him that it was removed.  To him, *he* was removed, not Saurumon.

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I cant understand how they can cut out the role of saruman in the movie, the capture of issengard with saruman trapped inside the tower is a show of force and victory for the side of good, how can this be edited. does this mean that the major parts of the ents are also exlcuded from the ROTK movie? Also the final part with wormtoungue killin saruman should not have been edited because it is a sign that peace has finally been restored to middle earth and the hobbits in paritcular, all threats removed. I cant understand the thinking behind Peter Jackson in this one. Role on the special DVD box set, then we see the proper movie.

I am sure (after having seen the movie) that all those scenes will definetly be put back in the dvd. Including the scourging of the shire (including saruman’s murder), the houses of healing, and the whole paths of the dead.

Yep on all counts, Caesar.  Only thing you left out was Gandalf’s confrontation with the Mouth of Sauron, which I’m eagerly awaiting to see.

I got to see some stills and production background during my tour of Weta a few weeks back in Wellington, and it’s going to up the ante on creepiness. wink

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