I put a link to pMblog over in the side bar a few days ago, but never mentioned anything about it.  pMblog is the new personal weblog of Rick Ellis, founder and lead developer of the pMachine weblog/CMS software.  For those of you unaware, pMachine is what this site runs on.  (I also happen to do some work for pMachine on the support/documentation side of things.)

Anyway, pMblog is really quite interesting, with topics already ranging from PHP to lawncare.  Somehow I feel I’d have a much more interesting weblog if I actually said something occasionally instead of just linked to other things.  But that would take more work. [grin]

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Thanks for the link and shameless plug!

Hey, I see you have Family Guy on your Amazon wishlist.  If you don’t blink you’ll see my name on the credits.  I recorded and edited all the dialog on the second two seasons.  About 20 episodes.

Um, ok, you have officially been a star next to your name on my “coolest people I know” list.

* been given


It was one of those lucky encounters.  I met one of the producers on a different project.  It was just before the second season started.  The show had just been renewed after being cancelled.  For some reason, the execs at Fox always hated that show.  Maybe it was too politically incorrect.  There was always a battle going on between the ones who wanted to kill the show and the ones who didn’t.  So both on the second and third season they cancelled the show and fired everyone.  Cleaned house.  Then, at the very last minute, they picked it up again and half the writers and others already had other jobs by then. 

It was hands-down the easiest job I’ve ever had.  Really short hours and catered food all day.  The money was obscene considering how little work we actually did.  Their budget was a million dollars an episode, and I swear, probably half of that was spent on food and other perks.  That show was a really weird environment because the oldest person there (even among the execs) was like 26, so it was like a big frat party all the time.  In animation in general everyone is really young.  I’d probably still be there now if the show had continued.  Actually, to this day, I’m sill on their insurance plan, although I pay for it now.

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