Prot Paladin Raid Cooldown

Yes, it’s another WoW post. =)  Many protection spec paladins (i.e. tankadins) aren’t aware that a new damage reduction cooldown was added in the most recent patch (3.3), so I figured I’d help get the word out.  So, in patch 3.3, the Divine Guardian talent in the Protection tree was reworked.  Essentially, what happens is that when Divine Sacrifice is activated, the paladin gains the Divine Sacrifice buff (to receive redirected damage from the party, not raid) and the entire raid including the casting paladin receives the Divine Guardian buff, which provides a 6-second 20% damage reduction for everyone.

The problem for a tank using this is that if there is much raid damage going on when used, there is a large chance that the redirected damage will take the tank down to 20% health quickly, thus increasing the likelihood of getting one-shot by a boss’s next hit.

The trick here is that the Divine Guardian buff will persist even when Divine Sacrifice has fallen off.  So, what we need is a macro that activates the ability and then gets rid of Divine Sacrifice as quickly as possible to avoid incoming tank damage.  This will still leave the Divine Guardian up and the 20% damage reduction it provides to the entire raid for the full 6 seconds.

#showtooltip Divine Sacrifice
/cast Divine Sacrifice
/in 0.5 /script CancelUnitBuff("player","Divine Sacrifice"

The macro is from the Maintankadin forums.  It casts Divine Sacrifice and then cancels it 0.5 seconds later, which allows for latency with the servers so that your character actually has the buff active in order to cancel it.

My own latency is almost always below 0.2sec, so I was able to use 0.3 in the macro safely as a margin of error.  You may want to adjust the number based on your own average latency.  (To test the macro, you’ll need to be in a party and within 30yds of the party member before you can even activate Divine Sacrifice to test it and ensure that Divine Sacrifice is being canceled correctly.)

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