Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Boing Boing (well, Cory Doctorow, really) has a great entry up about Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson.  As Doctorow quite correctly points out, Red Mars is one of the finest science fiction books you’ll find anywhere.  It’s simply incredible.  The two sequels (Green Mars and Blue Mars) are also fantastic.

As he says, they’re massive novels, but if you can find the time you’ll be quite glad you read them.

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Have you ever read these books?

No, Chris spouts profuse approval and recommends books (and their sequals) that he hasn’t read all the time.

Oh. I just wondered what he thought personally about them.

I have read them!

They’re all great books. Red Mars takes a bit of getting into. The first 50 pages aren’t quite gripping and it’s a tough start (I’ve discussed that with 3 other people and they’ve agreed that once you get past the first 50 pages it’s impossible to put down).

One of the greatest assets to the triology is Robinson’s descriptions of landscapes and the geology of Mars. He does the same thing in Antarctica and it’s a really nice touch. If you like SF you should read the trilogy.

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