Return of the “Movies” Section

A long time ago, I used to have a “movies” section on this site where I kept a (manually updated) list of the movies and TV shows in my collection.  Not super useful to most visitors, I’ll admit, but I always found it nice to have and it did come in useful to help make sure I (or someone perhaps buying something for me) didn’t pick up duplicates accidentally.  The library slowly got rather out-of-date, though, as I’d get new DVDs, sell or trade off old ones, and just forget to keep it updated.  So, I took it down.

More recently, I’ve been making digital copies of my media and keeping them accessible from the Mac Mini I have set up in my living room.  I use the Plex software on the Mini to make it into a fantastic “Media Center”.  All the movies and TV shows are easily accessible via a beautiful interface and as an added bonus, I can run Plex as a client in my bedroom and access all that content remotely if I want!  It’s a wonderful setup.

I’ve thought for a while that it would be cool to figure out how to export my library content as XML or something and then write a little tool that would parse it and be able to display it on this site. But it never got beyond the idea stage.  Then I found out about Plex Export, a tool written by Luke Lanchester that grabs info from your Plex library and makes it available on your website.  So, naturally, I jumped at it.

My newly-reopened Movies & TV section is the result.  It is, of course, available in the site main menu, as well.  Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing this great tool Chris, for working with xml files I have been using Liquid XML Editor, have you heard of it and do you think it’s any good?

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