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Yet another post about World of Warcraft; feel free to pass on by now if you don’t care at all.  As the class lead for the rogues in my guild, one of my jobs is to make sure that everyone has the necessary fire resist (FR) to be able to do various boss fights in instances like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.  I figured I might as well share some of the FR gear items that rogues can get to help themselves get a good FR gear set.  (We typically require that rogues have a set that will give them 150FR without buffs, though the amount they actually use will certainly vary from fight to fight.)  Anyway, here are some items that you can get that are either farmable, buyable, or otherwise not-too-difficult to get.

Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas - 10FR
Not only is this simply a very good trinket in general (most rogues severely underestimate the value of +hit), but it also has FR.  You get this trinket by turning in the book “Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery” in Dire Maul.  You can either find the book as a drop or else simply buy it at the AH.

Felhide Cap - 8FR
This is easily farmed with a 4-5 man group in Dire Maul east from “Lethtendris” using the back entrance.  It has a 25% drop rate and each run is maybe 15-20 minutes, which makes this quite easy to get.  Everyone should get this if they don’t have another FR headpiece.

Cinderhide Armsplints of X - 10FR
“Of the Monkey” or “Of Stamina” are probably best (or “of Fire Resistance”), and even the Cloth version of the bracers work fine since the only difference from the leather ones is a little bit of armor.  (I have cloth ones myself, actually.)  These drop off of Incendius in Black Rock Depths and he is easily farmed on stealth runs by 3 rogues/druids.

Volcanic Armor Set - 58FR for all 3
This is nice “starter” gear for your chest, legs, and shoulders.  It has very high FR and good armor, but no +stats of any kind, which definitely makes this “sacrificial” FR gear.  The materials to get these crafted aren’t all that expensive.

Flamescarred Shoulders - 10FR
This is an alternative shoulder item to the above Volcanic Shoulders.  It’s not as much FR, but it actually has nice agility, stamina, and strength, which makes this item good even without the FR.  It drops off Magister Kalendris in Dire Maul west.

Wildfire Cape - 20FR
This drops off Pyroguard Emberseer, the first boss in UBRS, so it’s relatively easy to farm.  It has a 15% drop rate (so not super), but if you see an UBRS group forming it’s worth going just to try and get this.  (Note that a nice FR chestpiece—the Nightbrace Tunic—drops off of Solakar Flamewreath [aka “Father Flame”] right after this boss.)  Also, don’t forget to get the really cheap +7FR enchant to help even more.

Ocean’s Breeze - 15FR
This item is your reward from a fairly long quest chain for the Hydraxian Waterlords.  The beginning parts of the chain can be done solo, but latter parts require killing things in Molten Core and increasing your reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords (you get rep for killing things in MC).  The special thing about this ring reward is that not only does it have FR, but also other useful stats.

Drakefire Amulet - 15FR
This is the reward from completing the Onyxia attunement quest chain (and acts as your key to Onyxia’s Lair).  Anyone who’s going to be interested in getting an FR gear set should also be getting attuned for Onyxia, so this should certainly be something to get.

Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - 20FR (or 40FR for 2)
This item allows you to enchant a leg or head item with 20FR.  You get the enchant by turning in the “Libram of Resilience” book (drop or AH) along with: 1xBlack Diamond, 4xCrystal Spire, 1xBurning Essence, 30gold.  (Note that it is possible to perform this enchant via a trade window, so if someone else has the bind-on-pickup items, you can give them the rest to turn in the quest and then enchant your item for you.)

Flame Mantle of the Dawn - 5FR
This item allows you to enchant your shoulders with +5FR.  You can purchase the item from Argent Dawn once you are at revered reputation with them and complete a quest requiring you to turn in 10 ‘Argent Dawn Valor Tokens’.  (At exalted reputation you can get an item to give +5 to all resistances.)

Now, there are certainly plenty of pieces of gear that will be a lot better for you as FR gear (Nightslayer or Bloodfang pieces, for instance), but the ones listed above are things that you should be able to get for yourself even if you’re not in a raiding guild.  Well, aside from the Ocean’s Breeze ring, at least.  If you went ahead and got all of the things listed, you’d have 188FR unbuffed, which would be more than enough for pretty much any fight you might need as a rogue.  Then, as you progress in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, etc. you can slowly replace some of the “starter” type gear here with better things that you’ll be getting along the way.

Fire Resist is your friend as a rogue since we have to get up close and personal with our targets.  It will serve you well to go ahead and get yourself a good set of FR gear to help you along.  Hopefully, this will help you get started on that.

(Updated Nov 16, 2006)

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Hi dude!
Another nice FR gear out there are the Flamescarred shoulders. They have nice agi and +10 fr. They drop in DM off Kalendris, here’s the link:
Get the AD shoulder enchant here (+5 FR) if you have the rep and it’s a keeper wink

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