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WoW Insider pointed to a Big Bear Butt post calling for folks to make some lists of recommended elixirs, food, etc.  These are things people should be bringing to every raid so they’re prepared.  While I found some people stepping up and doing it for a lot of other classes, I haven’t seen one for rogues.  So, here one is… (Incidentally, it should work great for DPS warriors, too).  Also note that I made a companion article about maximizing your gear to help out as well.

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Flasks & Elixirs

The decision as to whether you prefer to use a flask vs separate elixirs often depends more on whether you think you’ll die a lot.  If you’re doing a new encounter where you’ll be learning something and making multiple attempts, a flask will nearly always do you better.  If you’re running something you’re familiar with and you think you can mostly keep yourself alive, going with a couple of elixirs will typically give you the best “bang for your buck”.

[Relentless Assault] (1 Fel Lotus, 3 Mana Thistle, 7 Terocone, 1 Imbued Vial)
[Fortification] (1 Fel Lotus, 3 Mana Thistle, 7 Ancient Lichen, 1 Imbued Vial)

[Major Agility] (1 Terocone, 2 Felweed, 1 Imbued Vial)
[Mongoose] (2 Mountain Silversage, 2 Plaguebloom, 1 Crystal Vial)
[Fel Strength] (1 Terocone, 2 Nightmare Vine, 1 Imbued Vial)
[Major Fortitude] (2 Ragveil, 1 Felweed, 1 Imbued Vial)
[Earthen Elixir] (2 Ragveil, 1 Dreaming Glory, 1 Imbued Vial)

Heal Yourself

You should have at least a couple of stacks of health pots and a stack of bandages for any raid.  Don’t expect heals, folks.  Take care of yourself.

[Super Healing Potion] (2 Netherbloom, 1 Felweed, 1 Imbued Vial)
[Mad Alchemist’s Potion] (2 Ragvail, 1 Crystal Vial) - Alchemists Only
[Heavy Netherweave Bandage] (2 Netherweave Cloth)


Lots of people overlook food as a useful buff source - don’t be one of those people.  You can get some really useful stat buffs from food and most of it is simple for a lvl70 rogue to farm.  Do yourself a favor and bring a stack each of a couple of your favorites.  Spicy Hot Talbuk is your new best friend and being easy to farm, too!

[Spicy Hot Talbuk] (1 Talbuk Venison, 1 Hot Spices)
[Grilled Mudfish] (1 Figluster’s Mudfish)
[Warp Burger] (1 Warped Flesh)
[Ravager Dog] (1 Ravager Flesh)

Poisons & Sharpening Stones

Yep, poisons and rogues go hand in hand.  While particularly important for a Mutilate rogue, poisons and other temporary weapon buffs should be used by all rogues, regardless of spec.  Your specific choice will depend greatly on the particular encounter.  For example, remember to use a sharpening stone (i.e. not a poison) on poison-immune targets.  Also, remember not to put anything on your mainhand weapon if you’re getting a Windfury totem.

[Deadly Poison] - Stackable DoT; not the best if you’ll be switching targets a lot
[Instant Poison] - If you don’t know what to use, this is a good choice
[Anesthetic Poison] - Basically, a weaker Instant Poison, but causes no threat
[Wound Poison] - Useful in some fights where the target may get healed
[Mind-Numbing Poison] - Useful in the some fights where the poison will actually slow the target’s casts

[Adamantite Sharpening Stone] (1 Adamantite Bar, 2 Mote of Earth)
[Elemental Sharpening Stone] (2 Elemental Earth, 3 Dense Stone)
[Fel Sharpening Stone] (1 Fel Iron Bar, 1 Mote of Earth)

Oh, and so you can see whether or not I follow my own advice… Ghrikk on Shadow Council.


Ok, I play a priest not a rogue but I had to leave a comment here.

Up to level 80 I was constantly getting ganked by rogues. OMG it was the most annoying thing ever. It wasn’t until I hit level 80 and started learning how to play PvP. Now as a Disc Priest I eat rogues for lunch, almost all rogues. There are only 2 horde rogues that I have found able to beat me on my server. It is very fun not being a squishie victim to mean rogues anymore. If any rogues are on the Anetheron server and feel like getting schooled, hit me up. My character name is Swampfoxx and my blog is and no, it’s not all about guides, it has other stuff too.

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